034Motorsport Giveaway – Motor + TCU + Cable Tune! – UroTuning



For this month alone, with every hardware purchase, you can participate in the chance to win a performance engine tune, transmission tune AND cable all from 034 Motorsport! Each hardware purchase gives you the chance to WIN the melody pack for the whole month of October!

034 Motorsport is driven by a passion to bring quality motorsport products and tuning to your Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. Although 034 has expanded to meet the needs of growing Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts, their devotion to customer service, innovation, performance and quality remains. 034 Motorsport prides itself on in-house component manufacturing, with its Performance Facility in Fremont, California covering all bases including engineering, manufacturing, calibration and testing, all under one roof. 034 has you covered on a wide range of parts like silicone hoses, grips, suspension, engine mounts, and a ton of other high performance parts under the hood!


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