1/6 committee is investigating Bannon and Meadows for coordinating Trump’s coup with members of Congress


Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) said the 1/6 Committee wants to talk to Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows about the conversations they’ve had with Republican members of Congress.

Representative ship video:

Rep Schiff was asked by Rachel Maddow if Meadows is in the same boat as Bannon, and she replied:

Well, they took more significant step in identical fashion. That is, they refuse even to show themselves on. And there are broad categories questions for both of us men who do not go, for example, a any communication between them and Donald Trump. There are communications between, for example, Steve Bannon and congressmen, including Steve Bannon and the planners of the gathering of January 6 on the shopping center. None of this is plausible covered by any kind of privilege. So, in this sense, both men have the same fundamental position, weak position, that is, them it just doesn’t show up, and there has no right to do so.

T.here are the differences in the sense that Meadows was a W. currentHite House staff member. Steve Bannon hadn’t been in white house over the years. There are differences but in the end it does not affect the fact there is no immunity to simply to say that I do not show up, and this it is probably the most significant factor when the committee decides what the next step will be.

Somewhere in America right now, House Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jim Jordan, Paul Gosar, and Kevin McCarthy are all in a cold sweat.

Committee 1/6 wants to talk to Bannon and Meadows, not only about Trump, but also about the members of Congress they were communicating with.

Those conversations with members of Congress are not covered by any privileges.

It appears the 1/6 Committee is about to expose the Republican Trump coup leaders inside Congress.


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