100,450,000 people not in the workforce


The October jobs report released Friday is not as good as Joe Biden claims.

Biden falsely claimed on Friday that his economic recovery is “faster” and “stronger” than “anyone could have predicted”.

He also absurdly claimed that “wages have risen”.

Watch Fox Business analyze Friday’s report:

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The labor participation rate has not moved since last year.

Joe Biden is not creating new jobs.

For the 14th consecutive month, more than 100 million people are not part of the workforce.

Central nervous system news reported:

The Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics announced Friday that 100,450,000 people in this country were not in the workforce in October, an increase of 38,000 from 100,412,000 in September.

This is the 14th consecutive month that this number of “not in the workforce” has remained above 100,000,000.

People who are neither employed nor unemployed are not part of the workforce. This category includes retirees, students, those who care for children or other family members, and others who are not working or looking for work.

Of those who were not in work in October, 1.3 million people said they were unable to look for work due to the pandemic. This measure dropped from 1.6 million in September.

The number of people outside the workforce hit a record 103,418,000 in April 2020, when the pandemic took hold; and the highest was under President Joe Biden at 100,708,000 last February.

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