11 beauty choices that are worth the last minute 11/11 Checkout (or to start your cart 12/12)


There is no need to pretend. The 11.11 sale is just the beginning of our shopping spree. “I can’t believe I forgot” Christmas gift purchases will begin and another product will take over from TikTok’s trending page. Transportation videos will appear, directing us to our shopping apps to add new things to our cart that we just emptied.

Pulcinella’s secret is this: every time we press “Checkout”, we feel like we haven’t found exactly what we needed. We know we have lost something, whatever we do. It’s almost creepy like the moment we see the words “Order Confirmation”, you go to Reels and you find something that will make you say, “Oh yeah. Why didn’t I buy this?” Or you’ll come across an article just like this one.

Pop on that with these 11 hair, face, skin, and body picks you can check out now for that buzzer ending. Or rather, to keep an eye on to prepare for 12.12.

# 1 Herbal Essences White Strawberry and Mint Shampoo

A brand that supports #PlantPowerInEveryShower, Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners are all free from parabens, silicones, gluten, dyes. Their products are also color safe and pH balanced. My favorite variation is the White Strawberry & Mint, with its subtle scent and how it makes it feel light and free of buildup. Available via Shopee

# 2 Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Brightness Reveal Body Wash

I’ve written about this Cetaphil line previously, highlighting how it offers a full range of face and body products for day and night. One of the highlights of the collection is the Bright Healthy Radiance shower gel. Contains niacinamide and marine narcissus known for its powerful lightening effect.

Niacinamide is excellent against redness and blemishes from eczema and acne. It also tackles enlarged pores and sun damage. The marine narcissus complements this well as it inhibits melanin transferase, which causes dark spots. It also provides deep hydration. Why pamper your face when skin is the largest organ in your body? Available via Watson

# 3 Nivea Face Cleansing Wonder Bar

If you get frustrated that you tend to pump too much product into your hand when using a facial cleanser, switch to a traditional bar of soap. The Nivea WonderBAR was developed to address the waste created by our beauty products. Features sustainable and recycled packaging. The bar itself allows you to easily use the exact amount of product you need. I rub it gently on my wet face and let the bar do its magic as I go all over the place.

I recommend the moisturizing variant, which contains almond oil which balances the skin’s moisture absorption and water loss. Available via Watson

# 4 Splat Professional Biocalcium Safe Restoration and Whitening Nail Polish

Consider a new brand for your oral care with Splat. This Russian brand sells toothpastes created with natural ingredients, essential oils and medicinal plant extracts at therapeutic dosages. All of its products are 100% vegan, use plant-based components and are not tested on animals.

Each variant they have is specific to different tooth and gum problems. The Professional Biocalcium is for the restoration of the enamel and the reduction of tooth sensitivity. Biocalcium is a multi-action toothpaste with bioactive calcium obtained from egg shells and hydroxyapatite, a component in the composition of dental enamel. Available via Watson

# 5 SNAILWHITE Gold Advanced Retinol Eye Cream

One brand that offers a lot of freebies and packages for 11.11 is SNAILWHITE. Make your choice for their themed sets which are for different skin types. Whatever your preference, however, get this eye cream. Combine one of the best skin care ingredients, retinol, with caffeine and niacinamide. They prevent wrinkles, smooth out existing fine lines and brighten dark circles. It is also infused with 24K Lipobelle Gold and snail mucin to slow collagen depletion, increase skin elasticity and prevent premature aging. Available via Watson

# 4 Sunnies Face Cream Dreams

A great launch for the local brand is Dream Cream. This moisturizing gel-cream serum is light and fast absorbing. Outperforms other pilling-free skin care products well. It also leaves a smooth canvas for sunscreen or makeup primer. Marked as a glass of water for your face, Dream Cream is for both the no-nonsense routine and the multi-stage skin ceremony. Available via Shopee

# 5 Baby Bright Clear & Treat Acne Set

Baby Bright is a newcomer to the skincare and makeup scene, but they offer a wide range of products. Aimed at the social media conscious, you get effective formulations in photogenic packaging. The first product I finished from their collection is this unique duo for eliminating acne.

Baby Bright Clear & Treat Acne Set works on pimples with tea tree oil and salicylic acid. Dragon’s blood extract is also in the mix so you can see results overnight. The acne gel has a blend of onion extract, vitamin E and vitamin B3 to reduce dark and red spots. Available on line

# 6 Luxe Organix Nail and Cuticle Serum

If you love to change your nail color often or want to give your nails extra care between salon trips, get one (or a few) from Luxe Organix. Immediately after application, you will notice how shiny your nails are and your cuticles hydrated. The serum is formulated with castor oil, myrrh oil, vitamin E and Camellia Japonica seed oil. It is best to apply it after a shower or at night. Available via Watson

# 7 YOU Beauty NutriWear + Velvet liquid foundation

Whenever you tell me a new light but full coverage foundation is available, I’m all ears: this one from YOU Beauty deserves attention. The texture makes it easy to apply, even with just hands, but offers a flawless finish. Contains Immortelle’s C-Lock essence. This ingredient provides antioxidant properties and can help reduce wrinkles by regenerating new cells and activating collagen production.

Gotu Kola Extract is also added to calm the skin and reduce redness with its anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, you get SPF 25 and PA +++ for UVA and UVB protection. Available via Shopee

# 8 Maybelline Superstay Zodiac Collection

Now is the time to rack up your favorite Maybelline Superstay Ink Crayon / Matte Ink shade as they present the limited edition Zodiac Collection. It’s the same 16-hour wear, mask-proof and transfer-proof in a sparkly packaging with different zodiac signs. It features popular shades such as “Lead The Way”, “Hustle in Heels”, “Lover” and “Seductress”. Match it to your mood or to manifest how you want your days to be. Available via Lazada

# 9 Watsons collagen eyebrow pencil

Everyone needs a good eyebrow product. Collagen by Watsons gives you a simple and affordable eyebrow that you can take with you or keep on your desk for quick styling and touch-ups. The double-ended pen features an angled brow tip that makes the strokes soft and a coil on the other end so you can brush and style them to your preference. Available via Watson

# 10 Issy & Co Hydra Gloss in “Mirrorball” and “So Fetch”

To celebrate their second anniversary, Issy & Co. has released new limited edition colors for its best-selling products such as Creme Blush and Lip Mousse in a pretty package. A makeup / skincare hybrid to check out is Hydra Gloss. The product combines the shine of a lip gloss but also the nourishing properties of a lip oil. Wear it alone to show off color pigment highlights, or use it over your chosen lip color for kissable lips. Available via Shopee

# 11 Colourette Cosmetics Bleach Cloud and Sky Dye

If you can’t recognize your friends on social media because they’ve suddenly colored their hair, Colorette Cosmetics is the culprit. On the occasion of its sixth anniversary, the brand has expanded its line with hair coloring products perfect for DIY enthusiasts.

Bleach Cloud is a safe and easy to use hair lightening kit with a blender bowl and brush and protective gloves. The dye is effective but also not too harsh and lightens the hair considerably in just 45 minutes. Some have opted for this product instead of having their bleached hair retouched in the salon.

Others use Bleach Cloud as a first step to enjoying Sky Dye’s fun colors. Semi-permanent hair dye is mannequin-proof and won’t dry your hair. This is perfect if you are a hair coloring novice or a pro. The color selection from the fun sunset pink of “Space Girl” to the edgy gray of “Moon” is also a joy to experiment with and possibly add a different level to your personality. Available via Lazada

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