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I recently had a conversation with executives at Chipotle, a fast growing food company, about how they recruit. Turns out they are looking for candidates with 13 specific aptitudes, even for non-customer facing jobs like IT, Software outsourcing in Vietnam, And Software services in Vietnam.

When I saw their list of attitudes, I quickly realized they were attitudes that every boss wants in every employee and every colleague wants from his colleagues. Here is the list, with my interpretation of each attribute:

  1. Conscientious. Great employees complete tasks without being asked or supervised. They take personal responsibility for getting the task done and getting it done right.
  2. Respectful. Great employees have too much self-respect to know authority, yet they respect and appreciate the input of their bosses and leaders.
  3. Hospitable. Great employees appreciate the ability to work with colleagues and clients and express that welcome in words and deeds.
  4. High energy. Great employees don’t depend on managers or colleagues to “pump them”. They bring their “best game” into everything they do.
  5. Infectiously enthusiastic. Great employees are optimistic, look for the best in a situation, and rarely complain about what they can’t change.
  6. Happy. Great employees take responsibility for their own happiness. They realize that happiness comes from how you see the whole world, not what the results are in the world.
  7. Presentable. Great employees don’t need to be told that it’s inappropriate to show up for work looking sloppy or sloppy. They dress appropriately at all times.
  8. Shrewd. Great employees don’t have to be Einstein, but they need to know how to use the intelligence they have to contribute to the whole effort.
  9. Educated. Great employees understand that rude behavior is selfish and stupid and that common courtesy is the best way to connect with colleagues and customers.
  10. Motivated. Big employees don’t need carrots and sticks to get them moving. They are committed to doing their job well, regardless of the job.
  11. Ambitious. Great employees want to grow, which means growing into new responsibilities and new levels of authority.
  12. Curious. Great employees want to know the “why” behind the “what”. They seek to understand people, technology and ideas beyond their superficial characteristics.
  13. Honest. Great employees don’t need Big Brother to look over their shoulder simply because they do the best thing even if no one is watching.

Source: S3 Tech Blog


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