15 Years of Dor: Gul Panag says the film set the tone for the kinds of roles he would play next


Actor Gul Panag rehearsed the role of Zeenat in the movie Dor, who takes on the task of saving the life of her husband, who is on trial for murder.

Dor may have been the third film of his career, but for actor Gul Panag, the film, released on this day 15 years ago, remains important in his filmography, as it was a test of his appetite for quality cinema.

The actor rehearsed the part of Zeenat, who takes on the task of saving the life of her husband, who is tried for murder.

“I didn’t realize that 15 years had already passed. It is a milestone for more than one reason. It established the space I would work in moving forward. Not to mention that I clearly didn’t have in mind which films I was going to be a part of. But Dor was a reaffirmation that my choices were correct. Choosing a path that is faithful to what you believe in pays off in some way “, shares Panag, of the film directed by Nagesh Kukunoor.

Also, it wasn’t the usual movie that many actresses were making at the time, and definitely not someone who was just starting her career. The 42-year-old says she wanted to avoid ordinary projects and is proud to have Dor on her resume.

“Everyone was saying that being a former Miss India I should pick conventional parts and pick the low fruit and do something that was easy to do. They told me ‘why do you want to climb uphill when you can take an easier walk?’ But Dor really set the tone for the kind of roles I would play later, “he continues,” As incredible as it was to be a part of, there was a temptation to make films that everyone else did, films that would make me. a more recognizable face “, he elaborates.

But Panag is happy not to have chosen that path: “I was just clear on which cinema I wanted to be a part of. I wanted cinema to help me grow as a person and help my stature grow in society. The film showed me that it is possible to achieve this goal. He reiterated that this is the path I want to be on and this is the genre I would like to dabble in, “he concludes.


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