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Chef Mark Jarvis recently opened the doors to 1771 in Belgravia, in the same place as Holbein Place where Lev (where Mark also oversaw the menu) was. Thanks to his time a Anglo, Jarvis’s cooking was met with great reviews, so we were certainly thrilled with his latest venture. Why 1771 you ask? The restaurant takes its name from the year the area was founded and brings together the best of British cuisine with creative tasting and sharing menus using carefully grown and locally sourced produce.

Mark’s curated tasting menu started with aged brook trout and parsley emulsion with potato souffle that was so light we could almost float on it, as well as roasted celeriac, puffed quinoa and sesame tied together with a spoonful of mushroom cream . It’s fair to say this was definitely a great way to start the night. Not to mention the “focaccia of 1771”, which we drowned in salted butter – more than that to absorb the emulsion left over by that trout wouldn’t have gone badly.

The portions weren’t huge so we had plenty of room for the main event of the West Country venison with pumpkin and pear delica, which was absolutely simple but extremely tasty, and the pain perdu with spiced caramel and parsnip ice cream amply satisfied the sweet tooth.

Mark’s signature cheese and onion malt loaf is on the menu too, and while it’s a bit divisive (we had one on both sides of the fence overnight), it’s a decadent combo and anyone who loves sticky slices. of malted bread spread in butter will be a fan.

Overall Mark Jarvis once again demonstrated his talent for combining contemporary flavors with refined dishes in 1771, adding further luxury to Belgravia, a place that is certainly not lacking in that department.

18-22 Holbein Place, London, SW1W 8NL


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