2 predictions for the NFL preseason that still have a quantum value


The 2021 NFL season is halfway there, and it is clear that it has given American football fans a taste of why this is considered the most important sports league in the United States.

From rising underdogs to favoritism, teams that looked perfect The NFL chooses against the spread falling left and right, and some very surprising players who are becoming the main stars of this season, the 2021 season hasn’t failed to disappoint a bit.

Now, as usual, before the season starts, pro-American football pundits make first-rate predictions about how they think the season will play out.

These predictions can range from picking who they see to be the favorite teams to make a long postseason run and also which teams will disappoint, which players will have a stellar season while others will crumble under pressure, and which coaches will have to work the most to keep. your workplace.

For now, and with the 2021 season already reaching mid-point, let’s take a look at 2 preseason predictions that looked ridiculous at first, but continue to hold their value.

1. The Dallas Cowboys will make it to the NFC title

Being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys has always proved to be more of a test of strength and patience than anything else. Anyone who loves American football knows that either you love the Cowboys or you hate them, but there is no middle ground.

Given their performances last season, when they lost their star quarterback Dak Prescott early to a late season injury, the cowboys have never managed to put on a decent season.

But instead of sitting around waiting for Prescott to return and for everything to return to normal, the Cowboys set to work creating a roster of playoffs, where victory is first, second, third, fourth and so on. .

And let me tell you, with Prescott returning and with the way this team is playing, they’ve done their homework well.

In attack, Prescott is back in the league and looks like he’s back with a giant chip on his shoulder. He played this season with a clear goal of silencing all his doubters.

But what’s most surprising about this team, and what says a lot about their talent and drive, is that even with Prescott sidelined and lost to Minnesota, their reserve QB Cooper Rush still played. work, making it clear that it doesn’t. no matter who’s playing, the cowboys are on a mission to win every game they can.

On the defensive side of the ball, rookie linebacker Micah Parsons and cornerback star Trevon Diggs have become leaders in a defense that is one of the best units in the league.

From the outside looking inside, it is clear that trying to stop the cowboys, especially if they continue to play as they did, will be less than impossible. If they continue like this, the prediction of Dallas coming to the NFC championship game will occur.

2. While the Chiefs and Browns fight, the Bills dominate

Prior to the start of the season, three teams took control of all conversation about favorites to be the AFC team headed to this season’s Super Bowl. In first place were the Kansas City Chiefs, who led by Patrick Mahomes, were once again to be unleashed throughout the competition at their respective conference.

In second and third place, but we could call it a draw, where the Cleveland Browns, who have one of the best offenses in the league, especially when it comes to running the ball, and the Buffalo Bills, who were one touchdown from beating Kansas City in the match for last year’s AFC title.

Well, now that we’re in the middle of the season, everyone who predicted that the Chiefs and Browns would be the teams to beat in AFC, I guess they were right, because they were beaten and made to look anything but dominant teams with aspirations in mind. title.

But then again, those who predicted the Bills would shine support you because the Buffalo Bills have been the best team in the AFC this season, even though they’ve already lost a couple of games.

Led by QB Josh Allen, who in 2020 saw his title as a top-tier passer-by skyrocket, the Bills have the league’s best offense when it comes to points scored per game and the league’s best defense when it comes to points allowed per game.

This in itself should tell you a lot about how good this team is in each line of the game. Their “win at all costs” mentality has led them to be one of the most feared teams around and they seem to thrive on that, beating opponents left and right.

If they continue to play as they have so far throughout the remainder of the regular season, it’s a no-brainer to predict that the accounts will be the team to beat in the AFC title match.


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