2023 Acura Integra prototype is the returning baby

  • Edited has unveiled a prototype of the new Integra, a historic plate that makes its comeback after a long absence.
  • It shares a chassis and powertrain with the latest Honda Civic.
  • The 2023 Integra sedan will go on sale in the United States starting in 2022.

    When the Acura Integra left the US market in 2001, it was also the final model in the Acura lineup with a pronounceable name. Twenty years later, the Integrate it is also the first model to bring it back. Replacement of ILX In the Acura lineup, the Integra is primed to please both nostalgia aficionados and young enthusiasts alike.

    The Integra 2023 travels on the same platform found under the Yes civic, and shares its four 1.5-liter turbos along with the limited-slip differential. No power was provided, but we assume it will produce at least 200hp. Also a comeback is a six-speed manual transmission available, the first Acura to feature a stick since the 2015 ILX. There is also the Civic type R’s spin matching function on tap. An automatic gearbox will also be offered, further differentiating it from the Civic Si with stick only.

    The four-door hatchback configuration is also making a comeback, last seen on the first generation Integra. With no trunk to hinder its advancement, the roofline swoops smoothly all the way back, lifted at the very end by a subtle spoiler on the hood. The rear styling is inspired by the second and third generation models, with a large sheet metal expansion that splits two swoopy taillights into two and punctuated by a prominent Acura logo. Unlike all three past generations, however, there will be no three-door version this time around. Indy Yellow Pearl paint adds vigor to the overall silhouette. Color-matched tailpipes are unlikely to go into production.

    We would like the Acura to be just as bold with the front end, which highlights Acura’s beautiful familiar grille. The front and rear LED lighting adds some sparkle and the embossed “INTEGRA” lettering on the front and rear bumpers is a nice touch.

    Acura is mum on further details, though they revealed that the Integra 2023 will launch next year with a starting price of around $ 30,000. While it’s much more expensive than the Civic Si and the outgoing ILX, Acura is banking on the performance angle to woo the hearts of younger drivers.

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