2023 BMW 7 Series will get level 3 range next year, but not in the US


The 2023 Series 7 has been tested on a handful of occasions in recent months and will apparently be previewed from a concept in the coming months. It will feature some controversial stylistic updates and use a level 3 autonomous driving system.

BMW Development Director Frank Weber confirmed the use of such a system as he recently spoke with Forbes. “Level 3 you will see us in Series 7 next year,” Weber said. “It’s a feature you can buy. It will be ready for the launch of the 7 Series ”.

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Level 3 autonomous driving systems allow a vehicle to drive on its own in limited conditions, but the driver will still need to be ready to take over should the need arise. Weber added that other BMW models, including X5, X7, 5 series, and the all-electric iX will also receive the level 3 system.

However, while the new series 7 will have all the technology required for a level 3 system next year, legislation in the US means it won’t actually be available to local buyers. In Europe, level 3 regulation has already been established which places accident liability on the insurance of car manufacturers themselves (or their insurance underwriters), but several regulations around the world will prevent car manufacturers from claiming tier status 3 for now, Weber said.

“In the next few years, you won’t see a single launch where someone says my machine is here and it’s level 3,” Weber said of current regulations on such systems. “It takes 435 million simulated and real-life miles to tell [that] our system drives safer than a human driver. When a vehicle is introduced, with a stable product it takes at least a year to complete Level 3. “


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