2024 MINI Traveler EV rendered as a fully electric minivan


Meanwhile, the BMW Group announced that MINI would be the first brand in the group to make the switch to full electrification. By 2025, MINI will begin the transition, which will be completed by 2030. One of the first cars that could be part of the start of this transition is the MINI Traveler EV 2024, a fully electric minivan. A MINIvan, so to speak. Take it? I’ll see me out.

In this new rendering, we can see what the MINI Traveler EV could look like and it looks pretty cool. Minivans aren’t exactly the most exciting vehicles, but they’re practical, affordable, and comfortable for families. If MINI manages to make one that is fun and stylish, as well as cheap and electric, it could be a huge success.

The MINI Traveler EV will be built on the new flexible chassis of BMW’s FAAR powertrain. While the FAAR chassis can accommodate both EV and ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powertrains, the MINI Traveler is not known to use gas engines. As far as we know, there will only be electric thrusters offered in the traveler.

According to this new report, the MINI Traveler will also use new battery technology that will provide additional range. At the moment, the only MINI EV is there MINI Cooper SE, which essentially uses a BMW i4 battery / powertrain, dated before its launch. The MINI Traveler EV is likely to use similar battery and propulsion technology to the BMW i4 and any other electric bimmer to come.

The MINI Traveler EV is also rumored to replace the MINI Clubman in lineup. This is an interesting move on MINI’s part, which might piss off some enthusiasts, but it probably makes sense. The Clubman isn’t much more practical than the standard MINI Cooper Hardtop 4-door, so replacing it with something much more practical, like the Traveler, is probably a good idea.

We are interested to see what will become of this MINI Traveler EV. If it can be a small, reasonably priced, fun to drive and fully electric minivan, it could end up being a huge hit. Don’t think that minivans can be trendy hits and popular with parents, just ask at the KIA Carnival.

[Rendering provided by: Motor.es]


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