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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

Hello, I hope you are well and have had a good week. Thanks for joining me. Wow, I can’t believe it’s Sunday again. I am grateful to have survived this week. I find confirmed my suspicions about the injustice I face and in which I have been trapped. Fortunately, the sun has been shining through the clouds and joy, happiness and love still find their way into my days and my life.

The current circumstances mean that I must delay publication yet. The entire post has been written. I am under threat. I must wear the muzzle that is imposed on me. I’m muted, for now. That is why my post has been withheld until now.

I will post a greeting and nothing else for now, until I am safe again and free from threats and free from silence to share my story. Wow, lucky I live in a first world democracy. I mean this sarcastically, in case you missed it.

A part of me wants to close this blog. My altruistic reasons for writing this blog, pursuing this goal of helping people, and making a positive difference in this world through inspiration and sharing my story, the podcast, and the rest, as many have told me to do, seem be perhaps too idealistic and too lofty. I am happy and grateful that I have been able to offer motivation and inspiration to others and help them in their lives.

I will make my decisions one by one. I am exhausted. I’m too tired from the battle. I’m disappointed. I’m heartbroken. I often forget to breathe. I continue to hope that I can help someone else stuck in a seemingly endless and hopeless situation. Do not give up. Do not give up. To this end, I will continue in this endeavor.

After all, in the Old Testament, David defeated Goliath. Joshua also broke down the Walls of Jericho with just his Ram’s Horn. Only the three hundred Spartans with their leader Leonidas defeated Xerxes and his Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC. I have already beaten the odds too many times. I have defied Hades and The Fates, so many times, countless, in fact, already. It’s too late to stop now…

As a Scientist, as a Physicist and as a Woman, I do not believe in the Impossible. I understand and believe in the seemingly impossible. This is not impossible. These are two completely separate things. I believe in highly improbable and highly improbable, but these are not impossible. Impossible is where discovery and opportunity, along with success, live on the paths yet undiscovered and yet untested, yet untested and yet untrodden. Lack of current success does not mean Impossible. Lack of resources does not mean Impossible. Lack of current opportunity does not mean Impossible. Lack of strength does not mean Impossible. Uncertainty does not mean Impossible. Impossible is simply the reflection of Fear. Possible is a work in progress, ALWAYS!

May you continue to see the light even if and when it is merely a speck in the blackest darkness. May your journey take you to enchanting and joyful places. May you continue fighting for the life you want. May your dreams come true. I humbly hope that I can inspire you in this way.

Take care, stay happy, safe and well.

Traveling Wilbury made great music. Given the collective of wonderfully talented music legends in this band, he was assured. I have been a long time fan from the beginning. I hope you enjoy this great song “End of the Line” which means how I currently feel. This is where I currently find myself at the moment. The path is forked. I have chosen my path. I take one small step at a time. No matter what, to some extent this is indeed the end of the line. I pray that the next part of my journey will be easier.

I hope you have a great week and do something fun to keep joy in your heart and life.

Goodbye for now.

Look at this space…


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