3 clubs for promotion and 3 for relegation- Rick Parry (Head of EFL) – News Block

In the midst of the coronavirus, it has not yet been decided whether or not the football season will resume. A restart of the project is being discussed where multiple plans will be adopted.

One of the plans for the restarts includes playing league games at neutral venues. Clubs that sit at the bottom of the table will be unwilling to do so as the chances of relegation increase.

Previously, ideas had been floated to rule out relegation from the premier league for the season, but EFL boss Rick Parry came out and told the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee: “Promotion and relegation will remain as they are.” . We expect 3 champion clubs to be promoted. The Premier League expects 3 clubs to be relegated.”

The president also referred to the losses that the clubs could be facing. Losses of up to £200m are expected for September.
Pay cuts and deferred payments were also discussed, to which Parry said the EFL agreed with Deloitte, which was appointed by the PFA to investigate club balance sheets and see if clubs had genuine cases of needing different payments.

Ending the season behind closed doors now appears to be a formality for sporting events, as there will be no financial benefit to the parties involved.

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