3 Dallas Cowboys who deserve the blame for the embarrassing loss to the Broncos


As the Dallas Cowboys slump against the Denver Broncos, who should be blamed for this asymmetrical loss? Well, where do we start?

The Denver Broncos entered the season with mild expectations and looked like a team that was going to have a decent enough season, but they didn’t seem to be the kind of team capable of crushing a potential Super Bowl contender.

The Dallas Cowboys they were starting to look like a team that could be a potential group for the championship, but it didn’t look like that on Sunday when they lost to the Broncos. Dallas he may have lost by just a couple of touchdowns as the final score was 30-16, but this match seemed considerably more lopsided than the final score could ever show.

So who should be blamed for this mess?

3 Dallas Cowboys who should receive some blame for not being up to the Denver Broncos

3. Mike McCarthy

It’s generally acceptable to blame any manager after any defeat, but Mike McCarthy definitely deserves some of the blame for that. Between some questionable choices of betting on the fourth down four times (and not converting a single one) and the choice of she plays some stars who may not be completely healthy, McCarthy should be criticized for losing this match against the Broncos.


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