4th wave – Whistleblower Frances Haugen – Blackmail at EU borders – POLITICIAN


In this episode, we discuss the resurgence of the coronavirus in Europe and the escalation of the migration crisis at the Polish border. We also hear exclusively from Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen about the EU’s efforts to rein in Big Tech.

Like coronavirus cases to go up across Europe and vaccine hesitation lingers, POLITICIAN health care editor Doug Busvine and health care journalist Ashleigh Furlong explain how Europe got to this point and what options officials are considering to stem the tide, especially with the ‘approach of winter.

Temperatures are also dropping on the border between Poland and Belarus, where tensions are taking place intensified this week. Thousands of migrants are trapped on the border between the two countries and at least nine people have died. POLITICO’s Matthew Karnitschnig talks to Gerald Knaus, migration expert and co-founder of the European Stability Initiative, about the EU’s options to spread the situation and find a more permanent solution.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen is our special guest. He spoke to POLITIC’s chief technology correspondent Mark Scott during his trip to Brussels, where he also has witnessed in the European Parliament this week. Haugen faces the risks of being a whistleblower and why he believes the European Union is ready to take on Big Tech companies to better control malicious online content.


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