5 coaches the Longhorns should have hired in place of Steve Sarkisian

Texan football

Luke Fickell, Cincinnati Bearcats. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports

Texas football is on a downward spiral in the first year under Steve Sarkisian after a shocking defeat to Kansas, the fifth consecutive loss.

Hopes were once again high for Texan football with the arrival of new head coach Steve Sarkisian, who the Longhorns lured away from Alabama where he was the offensive coordinator for the Crimson Tide. But those high hopes quickly dissipated.

Coming in on Saturday, the Longhorns had lost four straight games and were absolutely faltering. The good news seemed to be that they were at home against the perennial Big 12 background dweller in Kansas.

This, however, was not the case. Kansas kept Texas on the ropes for 60 minutes as the Longhorns needed a 21-point comeback to force overtime. But in the extra shot, the Jayhawks opted for the two-point conversion rather than the draw and got it, denting the big upset.

The vibes in Austin aren’t good, particularly for Steve Sarkisian. He’s starting to think Texas could have made a better hire. Notably, these five coaches would have been better for the Longhorns.

Texas football: 5 manager hires who would have been better than Steve Sarkisian

5. Luke Fickell, Cincinnati head coach

There is really no doubt that Luke Fickell is one of the best coaches in college football. And you have to believe that Texan football would leave no stone unturned in an attempt to lure him away from Cincinnati. That said, Fickell hasn’t left and there’s probably a reason for that, whether it’s to see unfinished business with the Bearcats or hold out for specific jobs.

Regardless, the Longhorns would have had to do whatever it took to get Fickell. He’s a top-notch program builder, and whether Texas fans want to admit it or not, that’s what they need right now.

4. Jamey Chadwell, Coastal Carolina coach

At some point, Texan football has to start thinking outside the box when it comes to the managerial position. They have consistently taken on big names and the results have been equally disappointing. That was the case with Charlie Strong, Tom Herman and, apparently, now also with Steve Sarkisian.

Jamey Chadwell would be the right kind of out-of-the-box hiring. He brought a Coastal Carolina program from legitimate obscurity to national prominence in large part due to his ability to develop player and handle an extremely creative crime.

Would that offense work at Power Level 5? We really don’t know the answer to this. But discovering the answer would be better than stepping on mediocre waters.


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