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With the start of 2021, there is a flurry of opportunities for the entire mobile app development industry to grow and take advantage of trends and other key market points as the competition in 2021 grows stronger and stronger. These market trends may have evolved only slightly, or they may completely change the course of the mobile app development industry.

Finally, it’s time to do some research on what the strong trends of 2021 will be when it comes to mobile app development. There may be some industry-altering changes, but there are also certain evolutions in the industry that mobile app developers have seen coming for quite some time.

Here are the 5 mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2021:

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is something that has seen tremendous growth throughout 2020. There are some innovations to look forward to in 2021. Machine learning has definitely come a long way and so there will be some trend changes this 2021.

  • Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning

From 2018 to 2019, the percentage of organizations adopting artificial intelligence was estimated to have increased by 14%. While the benefits of both AI and ML become even more apparent, companies will need to adapt by hiring the right people to cope with these changes.

Despite its benefits, AI still suffers from being the subject of most trust issues. With the classic fear of “robots taking over”, efforts must be made in 2021 to gain the confidence of these large industries in adapting AI technologies.

  • Focus on regulations and data security

The data can be considered as a form of cyber currency as hackers are getting better and better at accessing this data. This, of course, means that AI and machine learning technology should be protected from these threats. With AI systems handling even more sensitive data, it’s only natural that there are better regulations and data security.

Although both technologies have their own independent qualities, they can be used together and operate in unique ways. Take Alexa and Siri for example, these two are intertwined and used to give users a much better experience.

  • Increased intelligence enhancement

For those who are worried about jobs being gobbled up by AI, the rise of Augmented Intelligence should be a pretty nice trend. Augmented intelligence unites the power of humans and machines for scientific or analytical work, allowing more opportunities for both. AI engineering is also starting to take off and becoming even more powerful than ever.

  1. Applications in a flash

Smaller apps are starting to take off and become more popular. This is a good thing for mobile app developers as these apps require less work. However, they can be tricky as they have to be attractive despite their small size.

  1. 5G

Better speeds and faster services, this is what 5G promises, however it has had a troublesome foothold in 2020 due not only to the coronavirus but also to the question of who will build these 5G towers. However, this is one of those trends that take off quickly and when they do, there is no stopping them. Smartphones may be developed to include 5G technology, making it the new norm.

  1. portable applications

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearable technologies would also require wearable apps. Although there may not be much competition in this department, 2021 could be the year this trend takes off. Mobile app developers who are able to innovate on portable apps might have an advantage.

  1. chatbot development

The development of chatbots will be extremely important in 2021 as many industries are already using them. The demand for better chatbots in various industries will mean that mobile app developers will have to invest more resources in this trend.

Here are some industries that are benefiting the most from chatbots:

The quicker the response, the more attractive it could be to customers. This could also help save time for the real estate agent when making a sale.

These chatbots could easily improve the sales process by helping customers easily search, choose, pay, and even track their own orders.

The use of chatbots in their industries helps travel agencies to find what they are looking for, book the hotels and even buy the tickets. Travel agencies just make the whole process so much easier.

Chatbots have been used not only to improve the communication system of the student, but also to monitor their learning curve by helping with the exam and other test applications.

The entire recruiting process can be simplified with the use of chatbots that can automatically assess skills, give feedback, and even rank applicants.

Chatbots could be used to schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, set reminders, monitor patient health, make diagnoses, and more.

Banks have started using chatbots to automatically handle the first wave of inquiries when it comes to inquiries, reports, tax calculations, and other transactions.

Since all of these particular industries use chatbots, it stands to reason that mobile app developers not only improve but also broaden the reach of their apps.

As 2021 kicks off, these 5 massive mobile app development trends could be the key to bringing the year forward. While 2020 was all about survival, 2021 is more about getting ahead of the curve.

The year 2020 was quite surprising for most people, as the massive change in demand due to the coronavirus has pushed mobile app developers to adapt quickly, but this 2021 could be the time to prepare for the expected changes within of the industry. This time, mobile app developers would still have time to prepare before it all happens.

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