5 songs you may not know but you should definitely add to your travel playlist


I recently wrote to quick list of Tom Petty’s songs to be included in the travel playlist. Below is an extension of that (sort of). Since we all know (and miss) Tom Petty, I thought it might be useful to make a list of possibly not-so-common songs for your driving playlist. As I said with every “best of” list we do here at Autoblog; this too is by no means extensive. And this song list is mostly inspired by my time on rock radio in Omaha nearly two decades ago (where time goes).

# 1: The rest will follow

There was an ad posted in the mid-2000s for a service called OmahaHelpWanted.com. The slogan was “long name, amazing results”. Okay here for … And You Will Know Us by Trail Of Dead, a Texan group described as everything from the most imaginative garage rock revival and art rock to the most standard alternative rock. Call it what you want … And you’ll know us for the Trail of Dead (usually abbreviated to Trail of Dead) is unique with two drummers providing the foundation for Conrad Keely’s vocals.

The rest will follow appears on the band’s 2005 album Worlds apart. The inspirations for Texan rockers are as numerous as they are diverse, including Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Public Enemy, Johann Sebastian Bach and Vivaldi.

# 2: attack of paranoia

It was 2004 and the world was going off the rails, or so it seemed. The state of affairs at that moment is encapsulated in The Faint’s audio odyssey Attack of paranoia, track # 6 on the Wet from birth album. Seriously, only The Faint could piece together a series of sounds that seem random into a coherent, collected commentary that seems equally suitable today.

If you like what you hear in the video below, take a look Fascination, which The Faint dropped in 2008. It was self-produced with bassist Joel Petersen serving as the record’s chief engineer.

Youtube video

# 3: nth degree

This punchy pop track from 2005 comes with a little caveat. It will enter your head. You will sing it for days and days. Please. Our program director at KIWR said that if any of us DJs made jokes about the band name, we would be removed from the air. This did not stop a brave athlete from doing it, who has never been heard of again.

Oh, about the band name: Morningwood. So here we are as DJs, a group of 20-something, mostly unsupervised at night, surrounded by high-frequency equipment that probably fried our brain cells, loaded into Redbull and Rockstar (and some of us probably other stuff too) while we were trying to tinker in a studio without sleeping. But no, why should we joke about the name of this band.

Fun fact: Mercury used nth degree in a spot for Milan 2007. Mercury was promoting how the 07 Milano was available with all-wheel drive. With $ 2,000 less, you could rent an I-4 Milano for $ 238 a month at the time. My how times have changed. Morningwood no longer works, Mercury no longer sells cars, and today’s average payout for a new vehicle – $ 450 to $ 600 per month – has skyrocketed to the nth degree.

# 4: another drink

Héctor Anchondo has always been a musical powerhouse, a veritable beat factory that brings out riff after riff in a similar way to how we build cars here in Detroit. After leading the Anchondo band and releasing popular albums such as Newcomers of the year Other The audience is waitingg, Héctor continued to play the blues. And he never did. Anchondo took home top marks in the 2020 International Blues Challenge, a well-deserved recognition after struggling and starving as many musicians do.

“Winning this feels like a reward for staying true to music for 24 years,” he said. “I’ve had flashbacks to all the trips, sleeping on the floors, years of sleeping in the van, night driving, no pay, credit card debt for the cause, broken vans, the list goes on.”

There is no video of Another drink on YouTube, then I’ll link to the track on ReverbNation. The video below is of Anchondo performing at the Ron Hull Studio in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Youtube video

# 5: Password!

If Limp Bizkit can marry The Verve and Mötley Crüe in the same song, and Kid Rock can crush Skynyrd and Warren Zevon together, and Eminem can go Berzerk On the mojo of Billy Squier and the Beastie Boys, nu-metal giants Korn deserve a stab at Cameo’s 1986 funk hit.

Appearing on Korn’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1, the Word! the cover was flanked by an interpretation by Pink Floyd’s another Brick in the Wall. The Korn absolutely got it right both cover versions, and up to the Godsmack version Happy times hard times for their biggest hits, I hadn’t heard a better cover of any band at the time. Shannon Larkin did justice to John Bonham’s drum footwork.

As for Korn, diehard fans will fondly remember their early days with producer Ross Robinson. The band’s self-titled debut album ushered in a new kind of metal, with bands like Limp Bizkit and Slipknot not far behind. Follow the leader in 1998 he produced a bevy of hits, including Freak on a leash, He got life, And Sons of the Korns, the last of which featured Ice Cube. A year later, in 1999, the Korns would go down Problems with Falling away from me like the first single.

The Korns are still dancing. Their new album Requiem will be released on February 4, 2022.

Youtube video

What are your favorite travel songs?

If you have anything to add to this list, please let us know on Twitter. I apologize in advance for the Morningwood song that got into your head; it’s really catchy. Travel safe and keep rocking!

Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and a member of the Midwest Automotive Media Association and the Society of Automotive Historians. He serves on the board of directors of the Ally Jolie Baldwin Foundation, is a former president of Detroit Working Writers and a loyal Detroit Lions fan. Prior to the auto industry, Carl aired on popular Midwestern radio stations KIWR, KEZO, KQCH, KJAN, and KELO-FM.


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