5 WANNABE Maruti Suzuki Ciaz sedans from around the world


Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is one of the popular midsize sedans on the market. It competes in the segment with cars such as Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento. This is a great value for money product that offers comfort and a decent amount of functionality. At the moment we have the renewed version of Ciaz on the market. There are several well-edited examples of Maruti Ciaz in the country. It seems that some of the owners of Ciaz wanted to give the Maruti Ciaz a premium look on the outside. Here we have 5 of these Maruti Suzuki Ciaz sedans that want to look like luxury sedans.

Audi Ciaz Quattro

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz seen here in the photo is from Thailand. It gets a custom body kit installed on the car that comes with a grille that looks like the one seen on Audi. The Audi-style front grille gets the Ciaz branding instead of Audi rings. A Quattro branding is also visible at the bottom of the grille. The custom body kit gets the lower lip and comes with a side skirt and a rear spoiler was also installed.

BMW Ciaz-1

5 aspiring Maruti Suzuki Ciaz sedans from around the world

After Audi, it’s time for a Maruti Ciaz-inspired BMW. The owner was clearly looking for a BMW like on this sedan. This Ciaz is also Thai. The grill used on the Ciaz looks like the latest generation. There are no BMW badges or any logos on the car. Frankly speaking, this Ciaz’s kidney grille looks pretty neat on the car. In addition to the grille, the Ciaz also has aftermarket alloy wheels and a darkened roof.

BMW Ciaz-2

This next Maruti Ciaz is actually from India and the owner wanted it to look like a BMW. Compared to the one seen above, this one receives a change that was not done well. This Ciaz has a double kidney grille at the front with a BMW emblem on the hood. The bumper of the Ciaz has been replaced with another unit and the fog lights are also revised. This is probably not the best modified Ciaz sedan that wants to be a BMW.

Mercedes-Benz Ciaz-1

5 aspiring Maruti Suzuki Ciaz sedans from around the world

This Maruti Suzuki Ciaz in the photo clearly wants to be a Mercedes-Benz. The one seen here is a brand new Ciaz. The car has a Mercedes-Benz grille with the logo in the center of the grille. It appears that the grid was simply attached to the existing grid. It’s a clean job, yes. Someone will mistake it for a Mercedes-Benz, we highly doubt it. A person who has absolutely no idea about cars might think of a Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Ciaz-2

5 aspiring Maruti Suzuki Ciaz sedans from around the world

The last Maruti Suzuki Ciaz on the list also wants to be a Mercedes sedan. This sedan is from Haryana and the owner of the Ciaz installed a Mercedes-Benz grille in the front. In addition to replacing the front grille, the owner also installed chrome seals on the lower grille. The grille fits perfectly but doesn’t look like a Mercedes-Benz from any angle.


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