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Episode 2 of Tower aired tonight (Tuesday, November 9) and the plot has thickened considerably.

ITV’s thrilling three-part mystery seemed to narrow its focus on late officer PC Hadley Matthews.

But there was a lot more to the episode, so let’s dive right in …


Lizzie promised Cosmina that she would help her (Credit: ITV)

The Tower Episode 2: What Really Happened to Cosmina?

In tonight’s episode we met the pimp, Laszlo Kovacs, who brutally assaulted one of his trafficked women, Cosmina Baicu.

She was desperate not to go to the hospital, but policeman Matthews once again took some unorthodox action.

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She turned off her body cam and told Cosmina that she would dissect her if she didn’t go.

And, inside the hospital, Lizzie promised to be there when Cosmina woke up.

However, when she went out and returned, she found Matthews there, who told her that Cosmina was dead. From a brain hemorrhage.

Could it be that Matthews finished it? If so, why?

What was Matthews doing? (Credit: ITV)

Is Matthews related to anyone else?

For being a dead man, PC Matthews certainly has a lot of secrets.

First of all, he was accused of making racist comments to Farah Mehinni.

Then there was the accident with Cosmina.

And then both Matthews and his boss Kieran Shaw kindly forced Lizzie to change her statement from Mehinna’s house.

With every step, Shaw defended him.

So these two are part of something bigger … a more sinister conspiracy?

What are our burning questions after The Tower episode 2?
DCI Tim Bailie in The Tower (Credit: ITV)

Why does Bailie agree with Shaw so much?

Another person who stands in Sarah’s investigation every step of the way is her boss, Bailie.

Once again he continued to refuse to grant Sarah a warrant to undertake first surveillance on Shaw, and then a warrant to search his premises.

It took a mention of a potential scandal – involving the breed – for Bailie to finally sit up and take notice.

But why was Bailie afraid to act up until now? Does Shaw have anything on him or is there a deeper relationship going on?

Why was Lizzie wearing her underwear in the shower?

We digress.

This question might seem easy in the grand scheme of things, but be patient.

After Lizzie fell in love with Shaw’s seduction and engaged in a hot relationship with her boss, they rushed to her apartment and, eventually, into the shower.

Shaw, of course, was quite happy to take off the kit, but Lizzie kept it on him.

Not a vital question for the case, but when was the last time you showered with your underwear on?

What are our burning questions after The Tower episode 2?
Is Shaw the Wrong Person? (Credit: ITV)

Is Lizzie now in danger from Shaw?

Back to it.

Lizzie called Shaw and he went to meet her in Eastbourne.

But, with the news that Farah taped his trade with Matthews on his phone and set up a meeting with Lizzie at the tower to settle the matter, Shaw looks more guilty.

He took Farah’s phone from the crime scene, or at least Matthews did, and now he has it in his possession.

Lizzie knows exactly what happened that day, and now Shaw is with her after covering so much.

Is it a threat to her?

What are our burning questions after The Tower episode 2?
Sarah has her job to do to find the killer (Credit: ITV)

So who killed Hadley Matthews and Farah Mehinni?

Lizzie seems clear about this, as she seemed genuinely traumatized at the crime scene and in shock.

She was also manipulated at every stage by Matthews and Shaw.

Shaw was already at the crime scene and, knowing what we know about him, could he have killed both his PC and Farah to free himself from Scott?

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The only other people in the frame are Farah’s father, Younes, Laszlo Kovacs and the Younes’ neighbor, Carrie Stoddard.

But these are long shots.

Who do you think did it, and why?

The third episode of The Tower airs tomorrow night (Wednesday November 10) at 9pm on ITV

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