7 reasons why you should watch documentaries

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Intro: Documentaries are a great way to learn about the world around you. Documentaries can show different perspectives on issues, offer new insights, and inform you of current events. They allow people who would never hear these stories or see these images in person to see them for themselves. This blog post will take a look at some solid reasons to watch documentaries so never miss on the great picks the following time:

  1. They offer new perspectives on issues: 

Documentaries can allow you to see things from different perspectives. As the title suggests, documentaries are factual reports on events and happenings worldwide. They enable people to learn about important issues in a non-biased way. It helps people have a different understanding of life outside their little worlds. A perfect example would be “Blackfish,” a documentary dedicated to the abuses of Orcas in captivity. It offers an insight into what life is like for these innocent beings caught from the wild and forced to live in captivity, serving as attractions for profit-making enterprises such as Sea World.

  1. They offer a new way to learn about history: 

One thing that makes watching documentaries so unique is that they can bring events back to life, making it feel as if you are reliving the past. Documentaries give a different perspective to the way we view history. Instead of reading about events, documentaries talk about how people lived during these times and present you with videos from actual footage. The best part is that they don’t do anything on their own. They use factual evidence from reliable sources to back up everything they say in their videos. It makes them reliable sources of information. Whether it’s a natural disaster or the event that leads up to one, watching documentaries on history can help you get a deeper understanding of certain parts of our world.

  1. It’s always easy to find good documentaries on TV – or online: 

Documentaries about basically any topic imaginable. You can find one you like based on your interest or try out a documentary recommended to you by somebody else. Unlike some other genres of movies, documentaries are continually being made, and there’s always something good to watch. Great documentaries are being shown on TV all the time, but they’re also easy to find online if you know where to look. You can find any documentary at RARBG with a quick search and download button. A quick Google search will turn up several different websites that offer documentaries for streaming, and most of them are free.

  1. They provoke you to think: 
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Documentaries such as those covering political or social issues can provoke thoughts and opinions. Watching them might open your eyes to situations that you had never thought about before, adding a new dimension to your way of thinking. They also make you feel about the world around you and the issues that affect it. Documentaries can help spark discussions and debates among friends and family members by exposing you to different aspects of life. They can also inspire people to take action on specific issues.

  1. They give insight into other people’s lives: 

You never know what kind of challenges other people face daily. Watching a documentary about a person with a completely different background can help you understand more about their lives and the decisions they make. People are often fascinated by what goes on in other people’s lives, which is why documentaries featuring interviews or reenactments of real people going through difficult situations are usually quite popular.

  1. They entertain you: 

Many entertaining documentaries can also provide you with knowledge, which is a great way to get people interested in the world around them. For example, “King of Kong” is about an arcade gamer trying to set a high score record on Donkey Kong. At the same time, educational travel documentaries do what they are supposed to do well, taking you to places around the world where you would never be able to go to yourself. Not all documentaries are serious! Some are just meant to entertain and show you a new perspective. Many of these are filmed by people who have a personal connection to the issue or story, but they still manage to present it in an unbiased way.

  1. They help you understand topics better: 

Some documentaries are just meant to inform people about an issue that they may not understand. The best ones do this by presenting unbiased information and telling the story without adding any personal opinion or bias. However, it’s hard to find a documentary without any discrimination whatsoever. “The Century of the Self” is an excellent example of a documentary that helps people understand how advertising has shaped our society and how we view ourselves and each other.


In short, documentaries are a great way to learn about the world around you and understand different viewpoints on various topics. They offer new insights and can help you stay informed on current events. Make sure to check out some of the best documentaries next time you’re looking for something interesting to watch!


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