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A Canadian conservative not only in name

Canada’s Conservatives have a new leader, the first since Stephen Harpers who you may be excited to support. Earlier this month pierre poilevre he defeated four opponents, winning over 70% of the vote from Conservative members and 330 out of 338 constituencies. His victory reflects the Conservatives’ determination to be led by one of their own.

Mr. Poilievre, an Ottawa-area MP with roots in Alberta, pledges to remove the carbon tax, limit deficit spending, end covid vaccination mandates and fire the central bank governor, who had dismissed inflation as transitory and was slow to address it. Sounds familiar? Above all, Poilievre wants to dismantle the bureaucracies that restrict competition and raise prices. “Let’s remove government gatekeepers to build more homes, grow more food and produce more energy right here in Canada,” he said in his acceptance speech.


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