A Comparison of Traditional Laptops and Lightweight Notebooks


The laptop computer market is filled with many different models, from tiny ultra-portable notebooks that weigh just a few pounds to large, sturdy (and quite heavy) models with 17-inch screens, full-sized keyboards or other features. In the face of so many options, knowing what to look for and finding a notebook or laptop that truly represents good value for money, can be difficult.

Trying to decide between a full-size laptop and an ultra-lightweight one is not an uncommon dilemma. The remarkable lightness of these new portable notebooks might have led some computer users to wonder whether they can truly replace larger and bulkier computers. Most models of ultra-light notebooks weigh only a couple of pounds, which makes them easier to carry. They are lightweight, which makes them easy to transport from place to place certainly a boon to road warriors and busy workers everywhere, get them online in one click https://www.bestadvisers.co.uk/lightweight-laptops.

There are a number of factors to take into account before you dive in. Many users will appreciate the portability of these devices, but they may not be the right choice for every user. Consider a number of factors before purchasing an ultraportable notebook.

Life in the Digital Age

If you really need such a lightweight notebook, this is an important factor to consider. Though those thin laptops are aesthetically pleasing, do they suit the way you work?  A full-sized 2 in 1 laptop with a large screen and an easy to use keyboard might be right for you if you perform most of your computing at your office or home.

A super lightweight laptop might be just what you need if you are a busy executive always on the go who needs access to email and other applications at all times.  Travelers are encouraged to try these notebooks, as they were created with your needs in mind. Ultra-portable notebooks are a great option for frequent travelers.  Internet surfing, e-mail, calendar applications, and more are all available in these small laptop, lightweight machines with many of the same advantages as a web-enabled cell phone.

Taking A Look At Cost Versus Capability

The very low price of many lightweight laptops is another feature that makes them so attractive, in addition to their size. Shopping around may yield a few hundred dollars off these ultra-lightweight notebooks, making them as accessible as they are useful.

Shopping around carefully is important to find the best price for the lowest cost of tablet laptop.  Oftentimes, these lightweight laptops have rather limited specifications. Therefore, it is best to choose a machine with enough memory, a powerful processor, and enough extras to make it a good replacement for a traditional desktop or laptop.

Amount Of Processing Power

Manufacturers often save money by sacrificing the model and processor speed of lightweight notebooks compared to traditional laptops.  If you want an ultra-portable laptop with a durable processor built in, look for an ultra-portable laptop with a strong CPU.

Memory Capacity

A thin laptops notebook’s speed is largely determined by its amount of RAM, so don’t sacrifice this.  There is good news for ultra-portable users – several of the most popular models boast a large amount of RAM, usually 4GB or more.  Your lightweight notebook’s performance and functionality can be greatly improved by increasing the amount of installed memory.


Ultraportable laptops benefit from their large screens as one of the things that make them so lightweight and easy to carry.  You’re typically looking for laptops in this class with screens between 7″ and 12″.  The differences in screen sizes can be substantial, so it’s a good idea to look at different models in person so you can make sure the screen will work for you.

Amount Of Keyboard Space

With this class of computer, the keyboard size is yet another key factor. That’s why you should actually handle the computer before making a decision.  Test the keyboard at the store – is it easy to use and comfortable to type on?  There is good news here: You can easily use a large and comfortable keyboard on even some of the smallest ultra-portables.

Lack Of An Optical Drive

When purchasing a portable computer, it’s important to look for one that has a DVD drive built-in, since some models do not. The benefit of owning a small and portable laptop computer is that it can function as both a computer and a DVD player. Make sure you choose an ultraportable with a DVD drive if you need the ability to watch movies while you’re on the go slim laptop.


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