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A Euro-America cup seems likely: European champions against South American champions

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UEFA and Conmebol It is considering the introduction of a new type of international Super Cup competition in which the winners of the America Cup and the European Championship.

The idea is that the proposed new tournament will somehow replace the Confederations CupLike FIFA itself it is eager to present a more attractive and shorter tournament to be played the year before a World Cup.

TNT Sports has reported that the presidents Aleksander ceferin (UEFA) and Alejandro Dominguez (Conmebol) have started their efforts to launch the competition between their respective federations.

The tournament may see each other’s finalists compete, but it is more likely that only the winners will be listed.

As things are, the idea is to have European Championship and America’s Cup Both will be played two years before the World Cups, and the new tournament will be played one year before a World Cup in the nation that will host the World cup.

Now, an edition of the tournament for 2025 is being considered.

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