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EBT is a method that brings everyone a new technology that translates traditional psychological concepts into direct neuroscientific treatments.

Most problems are caused by stress, which is controlled by faulty circuitry: flashes of chemicals and electricity that send us spiraling into anxiety, depression, weight gain, overeating, work stress, and problems with relationship. Problems are not resolved until we rewire those circuits, and instead of spiraling into mental health issues and chronic illness, we spiral upward toward optimal health and a life of joy and purpose.

When you adopt EBT as the foundation of your medical care, you begin to see stress as the problem and circuit rewiring as the solution. Plus, since EBT is based on pure science, you can relax using it and have fun rewiring those faulty circuits.

What is a lion in neuroscience?

“Daniel” was in Brain State 5 about his wife when we started our sessions. He knew enough about EBT to realize that the problem was his wiring, and during our session, we would fix that cable, and he has a “project for the week” to rewire self-care.

Where do the lions come into this? Each stress overload circuit is a faulty wire, a “threat detection error” that tells us we are in grave danger, even risk of annihilation, when we are at little or no risk. They are faulty cables. These are the so-called “lions” or trauma circuits that cause most of the suffering and health problems.

Turn stress-provoked lions into joy-provoked kittens.

Kittens, what are they?

As an EBT provider, I don’t think in terms of wires. In the world of the emotional brain, it’s all about circuitry. Reactive threat detection “lions” block resilience and cause problems, and resilient circuitry promotes health and solves problems. They are “kittens”.

When Daniel started using EBT, he shared that his father had abused him during his childhood. At age 20, he made the break and refused to see his dad, but the faulty wires from his childhood remained stored in his brain.

Differentiating lions and kittens

In his training session, he said that he was in Brain State 5 about his partner, “Melanie”. She encouraged him to Deep Loop, which she did, and quickly unlocked a Circuit 5. Although the loop was about Melanie, after making a return trip, she discovered that the faulty wire was about her father.

He said, “Melanie looks like a lion to me, but she’s actually a kitten.”

Daniel said he felt at peace. He needed to bring back memories of his father and spiral up through that memory to clear stress, reconfigure pain, and free himself from the past.

Meanwhile, when Melanie provoked him and started to look like a lion, he was able to make sure that he was overreacting. She was safe. She was a kitten and he was on his way to healing the past instead of being controlled. For this.

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