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With the conclusion of the first week of testimony in the trial of McMichaels and Roddie Bryan, a plot twist was potentially brought to light on Friday. A police officer who had not previously been discussed as a major player in Ahmaud Arbery’s death was heard and offered some background information that both the prosecution and the defense appear to be trying to play to their advantage. Glynn County Police Officer Robert Rash testified that in the weeks leading up to Arbery’s death, he had “sought” Arbery to issue a verbal warning, even though he did not know Arbery’s identity at the time. He also claimed to have been in contact with Greg McMichael multiple times and suggested he might “keep an eye on” the property belonging to Larry English, who he also testified during the trial. (ABC News)

A police officer testified Friday that he planned to give Ahmaud Arbery a trespassing notice for repeatedly breaking into a house under construction before the 25-year-old black man was chased and killed by neighbors who saw him flee the property.

Glynn County Police Officer Robert Rash said he spoke to the owner of the unfinished house multiple times, who sent him videos of Arbery on the site between October 11 and October 11. 25 2019 and 23 February 2020 – the day Arbery was killed at the end of a five-minute chase by white men in pickup trucks.

Rash said he was looking for Arbery, whose identity was unknown at the time, to tell him to stay away from the house which was under construction.

We’ve heard various mentions of the people and places involved in this part of the story from the beginning, but Agent Rash’s testimony really enriches it the most. To begin with, the house under construction that Arbery was seen entering before the fateful meeting had been an ongoing topic of conversation for months at that point. Rash testified that Larry English had sent him videos of Arbery walking in and out of his property for four months, usually after dark, and had asked the police to intervene. Rash said he had tried to identify and contact Arbery to warn him that he had violated the property and that if he continued to enter the house without permission he would be arrested.

But at the same time, English testified that he never saw Arbery actually take anything from the property, so the most they would get on him was a housebreaking charge. However, the videos provided seem to indicate that Arbery had more of a passing interest in a construction site than mere curiosity would explain. But this still does not put the victim in a situation where he would be seen as some kind of dangerous threat to the community.

Even more interesting is the fact that Agent Rash spoke several times on the phone with Greg McMichael. The officer had shared McMichael’s phone number with English, suggesting that Greg would be in a good position “to help guard the property” and would be an excellent witness to call 911 if the need arose because of his. past as a former police officer and investigator for the DA.

This raises the question of whether or not Greg McMichael would have been fully aware of Arbery’s activities in the area had Rash not put him in touch with English. Would he also have noticed Arbery running around the neighborhood? However, Rash was very clear during his testimony that he never “deputed” McMichael to be personally involved in the matter and only intended him to help identify the then unidentified black man who had regularly entered English’s property. He never suggested that McMichael and his son attempt the arrest of a citizen.

While all of this testimony certainly fills the background more of what happened in the weeks and months leading up to Arbery’s death, I don’t know if it really improves the outlook for the defense. It may have been nothing more than a series of synchronicities that brought Rash, Greg McMichael and Larry English into the same orbit with Ahmaud Arbery. But on February 23 of last year, neither Rash nor English were close to the scene. It was the McMichaels and Roddie Bryan who made the decision to go after Arbery and the rest is history. It appears that Greg McMichael and Agent Rash were by name and Rash could have been called to come and handle the situation, but it didn’t. However, it is not difficult to imagine that if there are jurors who were already undecided and willing to acquit the defendants, this background could push them even further in that direction. The testimony should continue for at least another week, so stay tuned.


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