A review of Shani Darden’s face sculpting wand


Shani Darden is one of Hollywood’s most sought after beauticians. This is important information if you are a celebrity … Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Other Jessica Alba they are both regular customers of her skincare studio in Los Angeles. But for ordinary people like us, we’ll probably never get the chance to get to California and have one of Darden’s famous facials that incorporates a personalized blend of microcurrent stimulation, LED therapy, and vibration therapy. Well, until now, that is. This month, Wand to sculpt Darden’s face (£ 430) arrives in the UK, allowing you to experience the vibration therapy part of its signature treatment – and all of its anti-swelling and skin firming benefits – in the comfort of your own home.

Darden used vibration therapy on her Clinic based in Los Angeles for nearly 16 years. “It was introduced to me by another beautician, but this one [device] it was originally created for muscle pain and was using it on his face and his clients. So I started doing the same, but then, as I saw the results, I went in and went through the claims and did all the tests, and decided I wanted to go out with mine, ”Darden told POPSUGAR.

So what exactly is vibratory therapy and what does it claim to do? “Vibration therapy uses acoustic sound waves that hit deep muscles, deep beneath the skin’s surface, so it’s basically like an exercise for the muscles,” Darden explained, adding that it allows for deeper muscle stimulation than a muscle stimulation could get. manual hand massage. Since sound waves stimulate the muscles, they stimulate circulation and thus increase the oxygen levels of the skin, which at the same time deflate the face and make the skin radiant and radiant. And since “the vibration itself works much the same way as the microcurrent, where it is training your muscles,” it also promises to tone, tighten and lift your face. “Use it before you have a problem it’s great. It will keep your jaw tight,” added Darden.

Like many skin care innovations, vibration therapy, also known as acoustic wave therapy, was first used in the medical field. “Acoustic wave therapy has historically been used in medicine and surgery to heal kidney stones, orthopedic injuries, and for nerve regeneration, ” Ash Soni, doctor, plastic and reconstructive surgeon and founder of The Soni Clinic in Surrey and Berkshire, he told POPSUGAR. Recently, however, it has been one of the many different non-invasive facial tightening methods that skin care specialists are looking into and one of the Studies have shown that acoustic waves can increase circulation, improve and reshape the collagen and elastin within the skin, and can cause anti-inflammatory effects. Due to a change in cellular metabolism, it has also been shown to reduce fat and, by stimulating blood flow, can cause facial rejuvenation, ”added Dr. Soni.

“Available data suggests that acoustic wave therapy may have a role to play in strengthening and non-invasive facelift, however there are some variables,” continued Dr. Soni. “It depends on the specifics of the acoustic wave power, the frequency of the pulsed waves and how many pulses the machine emits. The specifications of these household devices should be known to understand their effectiveness compared to the devices on which these scientific studies were based.” Basically, Dr. Soni agreed that acoustic wave therapy certainly has a potential role in facial aesthetics, but that “more data needs to be known before recommending it as an alternative to other current and well-known treatment methods.”

With this information in mind, I’ve been trying the Face Sculpting Wand for about four months now and I have to be honest – I’m thrilled with it. I am so impressed with how it makes my face look that it has become part of my weekly skincare regimen. I’m in my 30s, but I have yet to dabble with Botox or injectables, and with this tool in my arsenal I’ll probably keep putting off deciding whether or not I’m going to go under the needle at least a little more.

The glow is the first thing you notice. The wand has three different intensity settings (I use the medium) and you can adjust the vibration frequency from 50 percent to 100 percent. It comes with two different accessories: a precision ball attachment which is best for targeting small areas of the face such as crow’s feet and nasolabial wrinkles, and a flat disc attachment which affects larger areas of the face such as the forehead, the jaw and neck. It’s the flat disc accessory that really makes your skin glow. If you follow the directions on the enclosed leaflet – applying the Hydra Prep Gel, or your favorite face oil (I prefer to use it with an oil over the gel, which seems to dry very quickly) and going over each section three times – you end up with the your skin that looks rosy and radiant.

In our chat, Darden mentioned that the wand also helps with lymphatic drainage, and I have to agree: it’s great for deflating the face (it’s very useful after a night out with copious amounts of wine). And while I can’t measure it, I think it helps lift the facial muscles slightly. I took pictures before and after using the tool and in the photo above you can see that my bags under the eyes look a little less wide, my cheekbones and jaw look more angular, the fine lines on my forehead look softer. Probably the most noticeable difference is that my brows look more arched and defined after using the tool, without using a toothbrush or anything.

The last thing Darden mentioned that the wand is useful for is relieving tension along the jaw, something I’ve always experienced but got significantly worse during the coronavirus pandemic. As I wait to bite the bullet and finally shell out big bucks for a custom night watchman (because that’s really the best way to help me not grit my teeth in the middle of the night … that’s better stress management), the face sculpting wand has come to my aid many times. I don’t have a TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), so I can’t say whether or not it would help with more severe cases of jaw tension, but with my mild to moderate problem, it helps relieve the tension built up around the jaw and temples at night, and helped stop an oncoming headache or two.

All in all, I love Shani Darden’s face sculpting wand. It’s not cheap, but it makes me feel great every time I use it – and it sure beats a plane ticket to Los Angeles.


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