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“…maintain free speech and make Twitter a safe space for everyone.”

Says the woman who runs the company with a very recent history of First Amendment violations/censorship.
Such a top executive should know that no matter what, some snowflake will complain about something. Therefore, there is no such thing as a “safe space for ‘everyone'”.
There was no before Elon took over and that will not go forward.
That is the fatal flaw of the “threads”. It’s just another left-wing censorship platform.
One of the responses to Linda’s stupidity was simple and direct:
“Twitter is safe. Words don’t hurt. Doxing, on the other hand, CAN hurt.”
Words are only harmful to those who demand victimization. There is something to be said for the “sticks and stones” approach.
Hence, my opposition to idiotic (and unevenly enforced) “hate crime” laws.
I think, for example, desecrating an American flag is a hate crime. But none of those who support “hate crime legislation” agree with that view.
Even the use of the term “safe space” is a leftist slant that should be avoided if the genuine goal is to provide a platform for free speech.
“Everyone” is too inclusive…and guarantees, one way or another…the reinstatement of leftist censorship under “safe space” policies (never disagree with the left) that make social platforms a cesspool of censorship of ideas.
I was arrested by FB for a 30 day ban because I had the temerity to share embarrassing photos of Hunter Biden from his laptop that had been in the public domain for months on the excuse that I was violating the TOS by sharing “private information”.
The United States government has violated the rights of hundreds of millions of us by limiting the free expression of ideas and posts that go against your meme. But it DID turn social media platforms into the “safe spaces” that the new CEO of Twitter seems to want.

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