LATEST NEWS Aaron Rodgers gets a tattoo for the first time

Aaron Rodgers gets a tattoo for the first time


They Gbay packers player, Aaron Rogers he got a tattoo on his left arm, the first time the quarterback had inked his skin.

The tattoo was made by the renowned artist. balazs Bercseny, who is recognized in the world of tattoos for making geometric figures.

What did Rodgers get tattooed?

Aaron uploaded a photo to his social networks of his tattoo, in it you can see astrology symbols, lions, an eye and different symbols, the Green Bay player replied that what it represents is: “Deep and meaningful.”

Rodger thanked Bercsenyi for his great work

“Grateful for your dominance and friendship,” Aaron said of Bercsenyi. “There is a deep and significant history and connection with absolutely every element of this work of art, And I’ll share a little more about that one day.”

Aaron Rodgers would finish his career in Green Bay

Rodgers said he doesn’t know how many more seasons he’ll play, admitting the three-year, $150 million extension signed in March shouldn’t be an indicator. but he knows where his career will end.

A year after skipping the Green Bay Packers’ mandatory minicamp as part of his offseason due to dissatisfaction with the organization, he was asked if he planned to end his career with the only team he played for in the NFL. .

“Yeah, definitely,” Rodgers replied.

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