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Add a Daily Serving of Healthy Fruits to Your Daily Skin Care

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M.maybe it’s a newfound love for the kitchen or a seasonal fruit craving, but Zest seems to have been hit by the Sunday Farmer’s Market ad board. Their new line of shower gels, soaps and hand sanitizers, enriched with aromatic and refreshing citrus peels and ingredients native to the Caribbean and Latin America, is like releasing a can of life. Hello summer!

FRUIT FOOD: Energy, hydration, safety

Zest’s patented technology formula uses ingredients like Robusta, Acerola and Agastach, which combine to contain protective antioxidants and bioflavonoids to recharge and soothe skin, helping you stay safe.

FRUIT SECRET FOR SKIN CARE: Wake up cleansing your skin with pleasure!

  • Grapefruit + Guarana
  • Lime + Pineapple
  • Orange + Poppies
  • Lemon + Agave

PEELING POWER: Invigorates. Moisturizes. Soothes. Moisturize. Softens. Looks younger.

Zest shower gel has amazing scents:

Zest Body Wash Lime Peel

16.5 fl. Ounces; available in HEB stores for $ 3.49.

Shower gel with lemon zest

Peel shower gel

16.5 fl. Ounces; available in HEB stores for $ 3.49 and

Grapefruit body peeling Zest Body Wash

Peel shower gel

16.5 fl. Ounces; available for $ 3.49 at HEB stores or

Shower gel with orange peel zest

Peel shower gel

16.5 fl. Ounces; available in HEB stores for $ 3.49 and up

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