AEW Dynamite Superlative Awards, November 10: CHAOS premieres Full Gear


In a homecoming episode of AEW Dynamite leading to Full Gear where everyone deserves an award, only a select few can receive them

AEW Full Gear is a few days away and no one is better than Tony Khan and company. Everything has been at maximum intensity for several weeks, but the quiet, chilling moments of the AEW Dynamite show are the moments that really build characters and stories.

AEW has several wrestlers who are going through the best times of their careers, so it was no surprise that the wrestling in this episode of Dynamite was superb.

However, the prizes mean nothing if everyone gets them, so we select our winners.

AEW Dynamite Superlative Awards, November 10th

Match of the Night: PAC vs Dax Harwood

On a night that included a match between Rocky Romero and Bryan Danielson, the match of the night is a prestigious title. Who would have thought he would go to Dax Harwood and PAC in a single match?

PAC is an incredible singles contender, so he sure is able to earn those matches, but Harwood? The couple wrestler? It turns out he’s amazing even in the ring alone!

Not only that, but this is a match that was clearly booked so that the challenging storyline involving Cody, Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo, Death Triangle, and FTR could progress. It’s been booked so it could inevitably lead to the exact same post-fight defeat as last week. Games booked this way are rarely delivered.

Despite that, PAC and Harwood had a fantastic 10 minute match, highlighted by a jaw-dropping avalanche spot. Both men came out looking strong, but PAC gets the problem after applying a submission and having Harwood tapped.

An honorable mention will obviously go to Bryan Danielson and Rocky Romero who had such great chemistry in the ring. Lio Rush / Dante Martin vs. Matt Sydal / Lee Moriarty may have had an outside blow to this award, but many of the Sydal-Martin swaps in between have been reworked from their fight just a few weeks ago.

Worst match of the night: Britt Baker, Rebel, Jamie Hayter v Tay Conti, Anna Jay, Thunder Rosa

Upfront: This match marks a huge progression in the type of storytelling going on in the women’s division. Jamie Hayter-Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker-Tay Conti are the immediate rivalries that advance in the match. However, the inevitable rematch between Baker and Rosa is also slowly being built, for which fans were thrilled based on their reactions during this match.

However, this match also scored some bad reservation of the women’s division. Baker is starting to lose some of the crowd, and the reactions of the audience in this match have made that abundantly clear. This has nothing to do with Baker, who is still working hard to be the best he can be and earning the respect he didn’t get in the early days of the AEW. It has everything to do with the bad reservation in the women’s division and the top belt in that division.

Fans weren’t involved in this match, and apart from a nasty crossbody dive to the outside of Thunder Rosa, it was also quite immemorial.

Best Promo: Does Miro continue his rivalry with God? His wife? His neck?

This seat was supposed to be reserved for the main event, which was a contract signing between Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page. That segment was awesome, the hangman made some great jokes about Kenny’s past parallel to his as Omega sounded (and looked) like Protoman from Invincible.

However, there is no one on Miro’s level right now when it comes to cutting promos.

Miro’s story as God’s redeemer / redeemed / favorite champion has been told fantastically at every single level. Miro’s complexity as a broken man with a broken theology who praises and resents God for his life is brilliant. No line is disposable and not even one line is delivered like this.

Miro cut another passionate fire promo inside of him, after taking his prized possession away from him. He knows he can’t settle for anything less than becoming AEW World Champion now, and to do so, he has to overtake Bryan Danielson. He advises Danielson to go home to his wife so he can win the title and finally come home to his – a nice ending to a fantastic promo.

Episode MVP: Kazuchika Okada’s idea

Prior to Dynamite, Tony Khan called Kazuchika Okada for the first time in a long time. Since AEW and NJPW have formed a consistent working relationship, Khan has been careful to name any specific fighter, so his mention to Rainmaker has inflamed the internet with rumors.

It doesn’t help that prior to the show, AEW’s official Twitter account also mentioned Okada when talking about Orange Cassidy and The Best Friends being invited to join CHAOS, Okada’s faction in New Japan. Fans all over the world have tuned in to hope to hear the coin drop and see modern Japan’s foremost wrestler.

Did Okada ever show up? No. He was mentioned half a million times by the comment, but he himself never appeared, even as The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy were being beaten by the Hardy Family Office.

However, the mere thought of her appearance made every single long camera shot or long beatdown segment exciting, and that’s exactly what a home show needed.

Now deliver the goods, Khan. Give us Okada.


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