African digital radio station creates level playing field for exposure of ‘underdog’ African musicians – News Block

Wow Africa. radio aka Go Africa dot Radio, a premier digital radio station dedicated to showcasing the vibrant music and culture of Africa, is revolutionizing the African music industry by providing a level playing field for emerging and underrepresented African musicians . Harnessing the power of technology, Go Africa dot Radio is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that amplifies the voices and talents of the continent’s diverse music scene.

In statements to the press, the CEO of Go Africa. radio, Ikenna Okere, emphasized the station’s commitment to supporting and promoting emerging African musicians. He stated: “’Our main goal is to create an international exposure for artists, particularly newly independent ones. Keep in mind that there is hyperinflation in the African music scene. We are gradually reaching a point where there will be more music creators than music consumers. For the music consumer, that’s great news because you’re spoiled for choice, there’s a lot of music to choose from. But for music creators, it’s not the best position because the competition is plentiful. And you find out it’s the artists with a lot of money or the ones signed to big record labels that get listened to. So we encourage underdogs to submit their music, and we not only connect them to our radio station, we also advise them on ways to advance the African music scene.”

“Since our inception in 2022, we have helped artists break into digital music streaming platforms, through our record label Thiz Iz Africa Records. We have run campaigns to encourage African artists to submit their music directly to us as we believe this will help spark interest in their music and drive traffic to their various digital streaming platforms, which in return puts money back in their pockets. of the artists. Okere stated

“Our music research team has developed schemes like ‘Go Africa. radio presentation’ and the ‘Go, Africa, dot Radio Awards’ to put African artists in the spotlight and recognize them for their work. Go Africa dot Radio is currently working with a number of African artists including Siino from Nigeria, Zandi RSA and Dr. Breezy from South Africa, Poly Da Nqoe and Lin Da Sauce from Zimbabwe, just to name a few.” emphasized.

Go Africa dot radio, is an online/digital radio station, dedicated exclusively to the international exposure of African artists who create great music. Since its birth in April 2022, Go Africa dot radio has registered an audience of more than 74 countries worldwide and is listed in 9 major radio directories and also streams on smart devices like Alexa and Google Assistant. Go Africa dot radio is also known to be powered by high-tech software including the latest artificial intelligence technology to provide a great listening experience to its listeners.

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