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Seedspike, an unusual agricultural company, has reiterated its commitment to building the largest agricultural value chain network in Africa as it celebrates a momentous milestone: its first anniversary.

The dynamic agricultural company saw the urgent need for disruptive change within the sector and has been wholeheartedly dedicated to reshaping the perception of the industry. Seedspike’s mission revolves around driving positive transformation across the entire agricultural value chain. Its main objective is to unlock the immense potential of agriculture, a crucial sector brimming with untapped opportunities. By taking advantage of these opportunities, Seedspike aims to make a substantial contribution to the economic growth and overall development of Nigeria.

The company’s core mission is to address exorbitant food prices, provide access to high-quality fresh food, create smart employment opportunities within the agricultural industry, decrease Nigeria’s extreme dependency on food imports, and advocate for self-sufficiency and food security in Nigeria. With a focus on innovation, sustainable practices and building strong partnerships with policymakers, Seedspike has rapidly transformed the agricultural landscape in Nigeria, building a remarkable reputation within the sector in just 12 months.

Seedspike’s one-year anniversary celebration coincided with the 30th birthday of its visionary founder and team leader, Ola Oyetade. During the anniversary event held this past weekend in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, Ola expressed his deep gratitude for Seedspike’s growth and progress thus far. He shared his enthusiasm for the company’s future endeavors. In his speech, Ola stated, “As we mark Seedspike’s first anniversary, I am filled with gratitude for the unwavering support we have received from our dedicated team, valued partners, and loyal customers. It has been an incredible year, full of challenges. We have managed to achieve remarkable results and leave an important mark on our beloved sector. This milestone symbolizes the culmination of our collective efforts to transform agriculture and make a positive difference in the world. We are only at the beginning of our journey and we remain fully committed to building one of the most influential agricultural value chain networks in this region and beyond, contributing to a sustainable and food secure future.”

Some of the notable progress the company has made in recent months were highlighted during the colorful celebration, including the successful acquisition of arable land in Gboko, Benue State, and the impressive harvest and sale of thousands of kg of catfish in Moniya, Ibadan, Oyo State. Of note is the recent move to Akobo, Ibadan, Oyo State, where a hatchery with the capacity to rear 1.2 million juveniles was established. The company’s commitment to adopting advanced technologies, expanding market reach, and collaborating with forward-thinking industry leaders to develop innovative solutions sets them apart.

During the anniversary event, Kunde Nguher Jennifer, the company’s fish farm manager, provided detailed information on the company’s operations over the past year. She expressed: “As we celebrate Seedspike’s first anniversary, we not only recognize this important milestone, but also commemorate the incredible journey of our team leader, Ola Oyetade, who also turns 30 today. Ola’s passion, unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit have been the driving forces behind our achievements. Transmuting a vision from the form of his idea on paper to a reality requires tremendous effort, and Ola’s ability to inspire and guide our team has been instrumental in our pursuit of excellence. We are excited to build on the strong foundation established by Ola and achieve even greater achievements in the years to come.”

Damilotun, co-founder and key executive member of Seedspike’s management team, passionately expressed the vision and mission of the company. “Last year Seedspike became a leader in sustainable fish farming in Nigeria as a result of the numbers we have achieved. We are totally convinced that we have what it takes to revolutionize the perception of agriculture, particularly in this region, transforming it into a smart and viable industry for our generation, starting with fish farming.” This is something the company is already actively working on. Seedspike sees itself as a change agent advocating for sustainable food systems, environmental stewardship, technological innovation, economic development and personal fulfilment.

The event was a resounding success, drawing a distinguished audience of successful men and women eager to celebrate with the firm and also be a part of its history. Extensive media coverage captured every moment and everyone involved, creating an impressive experience. It was a perfect combination of glamour, ecstasy, reflection, team bonding, relaxation and purpose. Seedspike’s journey is just beginning, the world must keep an eye on what the future holds for this group of young, driven and highly energetic individuals. There is no doubt that Seedspike is poised to take even bigger steps in the coming years as they continue their transformational journey in agriculture.

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