Alec Baldwin acquitted of ‘rust’ weapons upgrade charge – News Block

Alec Baldwin has received good news in his ongoing legal battle over the Oxide shooting incident.

baudouinwho was involved in the fatal shooting of the cinematographer halyna hutchins on the film’s set, he was facing a charge of “possession of a firearm with enhanced criminal status” due to a prior conviction.

However, the charge has now been dropped by the Santa Fe District Attorney’s office, who determined that alec he did not violate the terms of his probation.

baudouinwho was also a producer on the film, faced criticism and legal action in the wake of the shooting, some accusing him of negligence and others blaming the production company and its security protocols.

The actor has maintained his innocence and expressed deep remorse for the tragedy, which also left the director joel soza injured.

The incident has sparked extensive debate and discussion about the use of firearms on movie sets and the need for better security measures in the industry.

HutchinsFamily and friends continue to mourn his loss, as the investigation into the shooting and its aftermath continues.

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