Alex Ovechkin’s career goals and ranking in the NHL’s all-time scorer chart


Alex Ovechkin continues to upload the NHL’s all-time goals scored list.

The Capitals captain entered the 2021-22 season with 730 career goals. This led him to 164 results behind Wayne Gretzky’s 894, at the top of the charts. There have been questions as to whether he can surpass the number of “The Great One” while “The Great 8” hits the last few years of his career. But as Gretzky puts it, she expects him – and hopes he will – to break the all-time record.

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As Ovechkin moves through the record book, Sporting News analyzes where he is and where he is heading as the march to the 895 continues in earnest.

All stats updated on November 15th.

The all-time leaders of the NHL

Over the course of 1,487 NHL games, Wayne Gretzky scored 894 goals, averaging 0.60 goals per game. By comparison, Ovechkin had 742 goals in 1,212 career games as of 12 November, averaging 0.61 per game.

Wayne Gretzky EDM, LAK, STL, NYR 894
Gordie Howe DET, HFD 801
Jaromir Jagra PIT, WSH, NYR, PHI, DAL, BOS, NJD, FLA, CGY 766
Alex Ovechkin WSH 742
Brett Hull CGY, STL, DAL, DET, PHX 741

Alex Ovechkin’s next 10 opponents

Over the course of his career, the team Ovechkin has found the bottom of the net against most is Lightning. He faced his former Southeast Division rival 74 times and scored 49 goals. The next team on the list are the jets with 48 goals in just 67 games.

Tue, Nov 16th to the ducks 12 goals in 20 games (0.60)
Wednesday 17 November to the Kings 11 goals in 21 games (0.52)
Sat 20 November to Sharks 12 goals in 22 goals (0.55)
Sun 21 November to the Kraken 0 (the new NHL franchise)
Wednesday 24 November against Canadiens 33 goals in 50 games (0.66)
Fri, Nov 26th against panthers 40 goals in 66 games (0.61)
Sun 28 November to hurricanes 43 goals in 81 games (0.53)
Tue, Nov 30th to the panthers 40 goals in 66 games (0.61)
Thu, Dec. 2 against Blackhawks 10 goals in 19 games (0.53)
Saturday, Dec. 4th against the blue jackets 19 goals in 38 games (0.50)

Divisions provided by Reference Hockey.

Alex Ovechkin’s goals per game per season

If you think, well, he’s 36, can he keep producing? Ovechkin is like a good wine; it’s just getting better with age.

2005-06 81 52 0.64
2006-07 82 46 0.56
2007-08 82 65 0.79
2008-09 79 56 0.71
2009-10 72 50 0.69
2010-11 79 32 0.41
2011-12 78 38 0.49
2012-13 48 32 0.67
2013-14 78 51 0.65
2014-15 81 53 0.65
2015-16 79 50 0.63
2016-17 82 33 0.40
2017-18 82 49 0.60
2018-19 81 51 0.63
2019-20 68 48 0.71
2021 45 24 0.53
2021-22 15 ° 12 ° 0.80

Will Alex Ovechkin Overtake Wayne Gretzky?

Never say never!

Going into this season, Ovechkin followed Gretzky by 164 goals. Even though he has had a torrid start, he is unlikely to continue to find the bottom of the net once per game. A reasonable high-end might be the 50-goal barrier, which he hit most recently in 2018-19, even though he scored at a 50-goal pace during the COVID-shortened 2019-20 season.

Fifty goals in a season of 82 games equals 0.61 goals per game. If he played all the games moving forward – unlikely to say the least – he would need 249 games (as of November 14) to capture Gretzky. It would be during the 2024-25 season.

Sure, if he keeps scoring at a breakneck pace, he could get there sooner. Ovechkin’s career goal per game record is 0.79, set in 2008-09. With even the rosiest projection, the first Ovechkin could catch Gretzky’s mid-season 2023-24.

Health is impossible to predict, but needless to say this is perhaps the most important factor in assessing the 36-year-old’s chances of becoming the all-time champion.

How many Rocket Richard Trophies has Alex Ovechkin won?

Assigned to NHL top scorer by the NHL Board of Governors, the Maurice Richard Trophy, commonly referred to as the Rocket Richard Trophy, was provided to the NHL by the Montreal Canadiens in honor of the Hall of Famer. Over the course of 18 seasons with the Canadiens, Richard led the NHL in five goals, was the first to score 50 goals in 50 games (in 1944-45) and was the first 500-goal scorer in league history. He finished his career with 544 goals in 978 games.

The trophy was first awarded after the 1998-99 season to Teemu Selanne of the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, who led the NHL with 47 goals.

Ovechkin has taken the trophy nine times, a record. He could have won it in his rookie year, but he lost to the Sharks’ Jonathan Cheechoo by four goals, and was short on goals in 2009-10.

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Seasons Alex Ovechkin won the Rocket Richard Trophy

2019-20 48
2018-19 51
2017-18 49
2015-16 50
2014-15 53
2013-14 51
2012-13 32
2008-09 56
2007-08 65


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