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To celebrate the day of singles, AliExpress has launched the AliExpress 11-11 sale. This sale will offer users incredible offers and discounts. This sale takes place on the same date every year. The e-commerce giant is back with the 11-11 sale, scheduled for November 11th. You can get staggering discounts of up to 80% on selected items on the site. The sale will also offer discounts on almost all Chinese products and other products. You can easily get reliable and quality products.

Read the article to the end so you can know all about this great AliExpress 11-11 sale. The various offers in this sale are highlighted in this article. Choose from your needs.

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Highlights of the AliExpress sale 11-11

During the sale, shoppers can get discounts on every product range. Various discounts and category offers will be available to users. The highlights of the sale are:

  • Up to 70% discount on millions of products
  • Spend and save
  • Special coupons
  • AliExpress Seller Promotional Codes
  • Extra savings

AliExpress sale dates 11-11

As the name suggests, the date for the 11-11 AliExpress sale is November 11 at 12pm (PST). Previously, the sale only took place for 24 hours. It was since last year that the sale had lasted for 48 hours. Users now have 48 hours to buy anything they want at high discounts.

AliExpress Sale 11-11 12 noon (PST), November 11, 2021 11:59 PM (PST), November 12 2021

Sales, discounts and more on AliExpress 11-11

Offers, discounts and more on AliExpress 11-11

The AliExpress 11-11 sale has many deals and offers in store for its customers. The sale will provide users with all kinds of products at incredible prices. You can have the option to tick each item on your shopping list. Phones or electronics, gadgets or fashion accessories, accessories or appliances, you can buy them all for sale. Selling can be your complete solution for everything you need, even at discounted prices. This article has a complete list of offers, deals and discounts on the sale.

Up to 70% discount on millions of products

The sale has every item you need in store, from fashion to electronics. You can have fun shopping at discounted rates on almost any product. AliExpress offers up to 70% off millions of different branded products during the Sale. Some select products even offer up to 90% discount.

Spend and save

Products selected with the Spend and save label allow customers to save when they buy them. These products offer US $ 3 savings on every US $ 30 spent. The offer starts on November 11 and will be available for as long as the sale is active. Other taxes and charges such as shipping and postage will not count towards the minimum spend requirement. Eligible members can take advantage of an unlimited number of instant discounts upon reaching the minimum spend requirement.

Special coupons

There are coupons and special discounts in the AliExpress Sale, which users can enjoy from October 28th. The available coupons will be of three types: AliExpress coupons, Select coupons and store coupons. AliExpress coupons can be redeemed on all purchases, while the other two are applicable on select items. Users can collect coupons and redeem them later when the sale goes live. Users can request coupons, browse offers, add items to their cart until November 10, and use them in the 11-11 sale.

AliExpress Seller Promotional Codes

AliExpress sellers also provide various coupons and promotional codes that users can redeem at particular stores. The stores offer their coupons and coupons to allow users to take advantage of the best discounts.

Extra savings

AliExpress sales offer discounts to their customers along with the ability to save extra. Discounts are available at already discounted prices and you can save more with various coupons and promotional codes. Take advantage of the best offers and get the best coupons for sale.

Other offers for sale:

The AliExpress 11-11 sale also offers other offers in addition to the offers mentioned above.

  • Fast delivery
  • Lower prices
  • The best offers
  • Unlimited product choices
  • Savings after shopping

With so many offers in his shop, the AliExpress 11-11 sale will be a hit. Grab offers on time so you don’t have any more pending shopping lists. Set your alarm for the day, and you won’t miss out on the best deals for the rest of 2021.

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