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Ariana Grande’s impressive discography has become intertwined with her intriguing love life. In 2021, the renowned lyricist of Asuntos del corazón stepped into the marriage bond with Dalton Gomez. In a ceremony labeled “small and intimate,” their relationship was hermetically sealed away from the public eye.

However, recent reports suggest that the couple’s ‘always and then some’ ended earlier this year.

As Ariana’s story with Dalton comes to a close, it seems another chapter is opening with Ethan Slater, her Wicked co-star. Reports about her potential relationship surfaced shortly after news broke of Ariana’s split with Dalton.

Ariana’s love life has always been as colorful as her musical journey, inspiring her to create chart-topping hits that fans around the world resonate with. Here’s a rundown of her relationships that rocked the world:

ariana and dalton
ariana and dalton

dalton gomez

An accomplished lyricist and danceable love songs, Ariana Grande found real-life romance in luxury realtor Dalton Gomez. Their relationship, both high-profile and intimate, generated intrigue when they tied the knot in 2021. The private ceremony, an event attended only by her dearest friends and family, was like something out of a storybook. Ariana and Dalton confirmed their relationship in May 2020, with the music video for Justin Bieber’s Stuck With U. They isolated together at their Los Angeles home, a chapter of their relationship captured in this music video. However, fast-forwarding to July 2023, sources confirmed that the couple had quietly split after two years of marriage. Despite the end of their marital journey, they continued to “work on their friendship.”

Ethan Slater is reportedly dating Ariana© Bruce Glikas
Ethan Slater is reportedly dating Ariana

ethan slater

As the pages of Ariana and Dalton’s love story closed, another began with Ethan Slater, their co-star in the Broadway musical Wicked. Ethan, already a household name on the theater circuit, entered Ariana’s life shortly after she was informed of her split from Dalton, causing quite a stir in Hollywood. Ethan is currently separated from his wife Lilly Jay and they welcomed their first child, Ezra, in August 2022.

Ariana also dated Graham Phillips© Getty
Ariana also dated Graham Phillips

graham phillips

Young love blossomed between Ariana and actor Graham Phillips on the sets of the Broadway musical 13, in which they both starred, in 2008. Their relationship lasted for almost three years, and despite breaking up, they remain good friends. Graham was notably supportive of Ariana during her #Doughnutgate scandal in 2015, describing the entire situation as “hilarious” and staunchly defending her character.

Ariana dated Jordan in 2011©Instagram
Ariana dated Jordan in 2011

jordan viscomi

After her split from Graham, Ariana found solace in the arms of Jordan Viscomi, a backup dancer on the Nickelodeon show. Victorious. Their romance developed in 2011 and lasted for a year. When she finished, Ariana candidly expressed her anguish, saying that her “heart was broken and shattered.” This emotional whirlwind left an indelible mark on Ariana and influenced her deeply.

ariana with jai©Instagram
ariana with jai

jai brooks

Next, Ariana embarked on a challenging long-distance relationship with Australian YouTube star Jai Brooks. The two-year relationship was tumultuous and ended with Jai publicly accusing Ariana of cheating on Nathan Sykes. Ariana responded to these accusations through a YouTube video, stating that her friends and family knew her true character and she denied the accusations.

ariana with nathan© Getty
ariana with nathan

Nathan Sykes

Ariana’s rebound from Jai was quick as she found herself in the arms of The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes. They even collaborated on Ariana’s song. Almost it is never enough. In 2014, Ariana confirmed her breakup in an interview, expressing her admiration for Nathan and her talent, and how her breakup was mutual and amicable.

Ariana and Big Sean© Getty
Ariana and Big Sean

be big

Big Sean, another big name in the music industry, became a part of Ariana’s love life following the end of her engagement to Glee star Naya Rivera. Their relationship was very public, with Ariana even making a cameo appearance in Big Sean’s Patience video. Their romance lasted eight months before they decided to part ways due to conflicting tour schedules.

Ricky was Ariana's backup dancer.© Getty
Ricky was Ariana’s backup dancer.

Ricky Alvarez

Ricky Alvarez, Ariana’s backup dancer, was her next love interest. Their relationship was publicly revealed through the infamous #Doughnutgate video. After dating for a year, the couple decided to part ways. Reports indicated that it was Ariana’s decision, but they remained friends after the breakup.

ariana and mac© Getty
ariana and mac

Mac Miller

A close friendship turned into a romance with Mac Miller. The couple’s chemistry was palpable as they collaborated on music and were spotted sharing intimate moments in public. The relationship sparked engagement rumors when Ariana was spotted wearing a diamond ring. However, the couple split in May 2018. Ariana confirmed the split on Instagram and conveyed her endless respect and admiration for Mac. Tragically, Mac passed away due to an accidental drug overdose later that year, and she mourned him in several songs, including Ghost.

Ariana and Pete© Getty
Ariana and Pete

pete davidson

Ariana’s whirlwind romance with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson took the world by storm in May 2018. News of their engagement broke just weeks after they began dating. However, the engagement was short-lived as the couple split in October 2018 and her song Thank You Next, which also mentions other famous exes, is inspired by her short-lived romance.

ariana and mikey© Getty
ariana and mikey

Mikey Foster

Ariana’s upcoming romance was rumored to be with Mikey Foster following a steamy scene in her Boyfriend music video. Although her brother Frankie confirmed her relationship, she later retracted her statement. However, the couple was spotted at Disneyland arm in arm in February 2020.

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