All You Need to Know About a Sawgrass Sublimation Printer


    Sublimation printing is one of the most popular printing methods used for custom apparel and merchandise printing. Not many popular printer brands make sublimation printers; that’s why many people use sublimation ink cartridges in inkjet printers to print on apparel. Sadly, it may not be the best way to do subliminal printing. This is when the Sawgrass printer comes to your rescue.

    The Sawgrass SG500 is one of the most popular sublimation printers in the market. It is built with the highest quality of materials to ensure durability and less maintenance. One will find it works just fine even if left untouched for years. 

    There are tons of items you can sublimate with a Sawgrass sublimation printer. Before investing in a Sawgrass printer, it’s essential to understand what it can and cannot do. 

    What are promotional items you can create with a Sawgrass printer?

    When using a Sublimation Printer like the Sawgrass SG500, you can print on sublimation paper using sublimation ink. It creates a transfer that you can put onto promotional goods.

    Many individuals and brands use promotional goods to distribute among the various stakeholders of their business. These custom printed goods are printed with the company logo and tagline to create brand awareness or used for merchandising purposes. These custom printed products are a great medium to promote a brand and company at a minimum cost. Custom printed promotional items are popular with businesses because their employees or customers use these items daily. Many companies also use custom-printed t-shirts in gift hampers, goodies, and as a gift for contest winners as a part of their marketing campaign. Here are some of the major examples of custom printed promotional products: 

    • Name Tags
    • Mugs
    • Dog IDs
    • Plates
    • Tumblers
    • Beer Steins Mugs
    • Mouse Pads
    • Coasters
    • Tiles
    • Luggage Tags

    What are the types of apparel you can customize with a Sawgrass SG500?

    In general, a sublimation printer like the Sawgrass SG500 can print on practically any polyester garment. On the other hand, using sublimation-certified clothes will yield superior outcomes and is, therefore, highly recommended. It’s critical that the clothing can resist temperatures of 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Some examples of apparel that is available to sublimate are: 

    • Socks
    • Towels
    • Slippers
    • Bandanas
    • Dog Bandanas
    • T-shirts
    • Solar T-Shirts
    • Long Sleeve UPF Shirts
    • Hats
    • Children’s Apparel 
    • Hoodies

    When using Sawgrass Chromablast inks and paper, you can also print on light-colored 100 percent cotton items. Rather than polyester, this is made specifically for cotton. It isn’t the typical setup for a printer like the Sawgrass SG500, but it works with the Sawgrass. Speak with a Sawgrass professional when determining which ink setup is ideal for you.

    Why do you need to choose Sawgrass instead of an inkjet conversion?

    If you are a subliminal printing enthusiast, you must have come across people who use inkjet conversion for sublimation. It may work for personal use, but it is not a reliable solution for business use. You need a trustworthy printer that will run for longer hours and has the lowest maintenance. Here are two reasons supporting why you need to choose a Sawgrass sublimation printer over an inkjet conversion.

    • Precision 

    Sublimation printers like the Sawgrass SG500 are made explicitly by keeping the sublimation process in mind. That means the print heads and ink are made according to the requirements needed for sublimation printing. The print heads are optimized to save ink and print at a higher speed. 

    It also comes with color management software with different color settings, so you won’t have to worry about setting different color profiles. The software also helps to save ink during the printing process. All of this ensures the highest precision and color accuracy in printing.

    • Little To No Maintenance

    The print heads of the printers get clogged over time. It’s always good to clean the nozzles of print heads regularly to ensure the best print quality. Manually cleaning these heads can be hectic work, especially when there’s a possibility of damage to these heads. Thankfully, the Sawgrass SG500 comes with an automatic maintenance sequence that is automatically triggered when there’s a need for print head cleaning.

    The above information indicates that it’s best to use the Sawgrass SG500 over inkjet conversion. It will reduce the maintenance cost, your efforts and ensure the best printing quality and durability.


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