Almost 1 in 6 people have never traveled outside their state!


NEW YORKHow much you learn about the world as a child can affect how much you explore as you grow up. In a recent survey of 2,000 people, more than half (55%) believe that expanding their horizons when they were young is what motivated them to travel as an adult.

That said, the survey shows that a significant number of Americans have never left the country, let alone traveled out of their state!

Overall, 76% enjoyed learning about the world around them when they were younger. Seven out of 10 miss it time in their childhood, wishing he could experience knowledge of the world again for the first time.

Traveling makes the world a better place

Led by OnePoll on behalf of Small passports, the survey found that nearly a quarter of respondents (23%) remember being excited about traveling as a child.

Seventy-three percent agree that traveling with children today is […]


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