Alpine A110 Legend GT 292 2021 UK review


What is that?

I know what you are thinking: another special edition Alpine? Well, wait, because this is worth your time. It is true that Alpine has rivaled the Bugatti Veyron for the number of special editions that have different paint and wheels, but this year GT legend it’s different.

Unlike GT legends. last year, this has the A110 pthe 292 hp engine, in combination with the standard chassis. We’ve always found the S’s extra horsepower welcome, but it’s not worth giving up on the flexible chassis that sets the standard A110 so unique and such a breath of fresh air, then the Légende GT promises to be a kind of album of the best Alpine hits. Especially since it also gets the other desirable gear for which you have to pay extra on Pure and the regular Légende versions.

This includes the 320mm Brembo brakes and sports exhaust, as well as the Focal stereo, as well as parking sensors and a reversing camera. As the “GT” moniker suggests, it should also be the more luxurious A110. As such, it is only available in two well-specified versions: matte gray with black leather interior or dark blue with brown leather. The seats are the six-way adjustable option, rather than the ultralight buckets in the Pure or the A110S, and the interior is finished with “Dinamica” microfiber headlining and glossy carbon fiber elements with a unique texture in copper.


As the specs suggest, the Légende GT really feels like a blockbuster album. After four years it is no longer surprising, but it is just as wonderful and satisfying to drive as ever. The biggest news with this year’s Légende GT is more power, but despite the increase in power, it’s only 0.1 of a second faster at 100km / h. This is largely due to the fact that it doesn’t get additional torque.

The A110’s engine has always been a tool to access the brilliant chassis. Now it’s just a slightly faster tool. It keeps whistling, huffing and barking fun, and the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is still fast and responsive, but just below the top of the box. But without major changes in character or raw performance and slightly slow delivery, the more powerful engine doesn’t change the rules of the game.

The real appeal of the Alpine is still its natural agility and the way it always feels on tiptoe, ready to be driven from either end. It’s truly a thing to savor in a world of hyper locked all-wheel drive hatches. The steering isn’t as chatty as you’d expect, but you have enough back through the chassis and the way the car moves on its springs that you don’t really miss it. With all that has been said and written about the A110’s compliant chassis, you might expect something that rides like an old French car. The Alpine no – it’s a sports car company and doesn’t have absolute control over the damping of some Porsches, but it’s still uniquely indifferent to the terrible British roads.


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