Amazon’s brand new Alexa device looks like nothing the company has ever made before


Amazon unveiled another Alexa-based smart device. This week, the company unveiled a new Alexa Smart Air Quality Monitor, which will retail for $ 69. The device is expected to arrive in December and pre-orders are already available. The new addition to Amazon’s Alexa family comes at a time when the personal voice assistant has made a lot of news. First, when Amazon has confirmed it will it eliminates one of Alexa’s most useful features next week. Then when the company has released a great Alexa update packed with new features.

Just like all of Amazon’s other smart devices, the new quality monitor will work hand in hand with Alexa. Users can connect it via the mobile app or an Amazon Echo device, so they can monitor everything the device detects.

Alexa Smart Air Quality Monitor detects carbon monoxide, dust and more

Alexa Air Quality Monitor ScoreImage source: Amazon

Amazon says it is new air quality monitor it will detect air quality problems such as dust, carbon monoxide, humidity and temperature. It also detects other organic compounds that are considered unsafe for the human body. If the device picks up unhealthy air, it will alert you via a connected Echo device or via the mobile app, so you can open the window or turn on an air purifier to clean things up.

Another way the device works with Alexa is via voice control. You can ask Alexa about air quality at any time. Alexa will then provide a detailed analysis of the air quality on view-enabled devices such as the phone or an Echo Show. Unfortunately, those interested in the new device will have to wait until December for shipping. Pre-orders are available, however, and you can preorder the device via Amazon right now. If you don’t already own one, you can also order the new Smart Air Quality Monitor with a 4th generation Echo Dot, which will help you keep up with things easier.

Amazon continues to announce new Alexa-based smart devices

This new air quality monitor is just the latest in a series of recent product announcements from the online shopping giant. Back in September, Amazon unveiled new products such as the Echo Show 15 and a Halo View fitness band. Additionally, the company continues to engage in health care initiatives with Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition, both of which are included in its Halo subscription.

Amazon also continues to expand its Ring and Blink home security options. The company announced the new Ring Alarm Pro, which features Eero Mesh Wi-Fi integration. For Blink, the company announced a new $ 50 video doorbell. We also have more details on Amazon’s Always Home Cam security drone, which is now I accept registrations for.

Another big announcement in September was Amazon Glow. Glow is a new system that helps connect children with distant family members, all while making learning more fun. It includes an integrated display, privacy features and a projector that works with a touch-sensitive pad to bring interactive sequences to life.

Introducing Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor: Know Your Air, Works With Alexa Price:$ 69.99 Buy now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission


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