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The USS Theodore Roosevelt is a proud symbol of American strength and the selfless service of our armed forces to preserve our freedom. However, the true strength of a nation lies in the commitment of its people to their fellow citizens and to their nation as a whole. This is doubly true for TR America, which stood for both democracy and equal opportunity for all. While often an ugly process, Congress actually considered and occasionally passed legislation consistent with TR ideals and earned the support of American nationalists.

Congressional Gold Medals for the Capitol Police

This Congress met in the midst of an attack by a rebel mob that came perilously close to overthrowing a newly elected president during the certification of the electoral count. The Capitol Police bore the brunt of the attack and defended the congressmen with conspicuous courage. The House and Senate recognized their service to the nation by voting to award them Congressional Gold Medals. The Senate vote was unanimous and the House roll call vote can be found here:

Every true American nationalist should agree and salute them too.

Bipartisan infrastructure bill

We have lived with the decline of our national transportation infrastructure for decades. As I mentioned in this previous post, Congress finally took action when it passed the Infrastructure and Jobs Act (HR 3684), more commonly known as the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Links to House and Senate votes are

Vote in the House:

Vote in the Senate:


The COVID pandemic exposed dangerous gaps in the supply chains of our basic industrial materials and products for human needs. The shortage of domestically produced semiconductor computer chips that are key components of nearly all products led to the passage of the CHIPS Act (HR 4346), which will boost production of these in the US. The bill also makes significant investments in research and technological education. Here are the links to the House and Senate votes:

House vote;

Vote in the Senate:

Economic security

Congress voted on several other bills to address supply chain shortages threatening our economy. HR 4476 would have created an Office of Trade and Economic Security in the Department of Homeland Security tasked with monitoring critical supply chains and coordinating a response to potential problems. He passed the House but died in the Senate. The House vote can be found here:

Finally, the House and Senate considered a bill called America’s COMPETES Act, a predecessor of the CHIPS Act that would have created a National Critical Capabilities Committee to monitor and prevent the transfer of vital American technology to China and other foreign adversaries. . The bill was approved in both Houses of Congress, but the differences in the text were never resolved. The two vows can be found here:


Theodore Roosevelt was a paragon of personal resilience and knew that America needed to be resilient to be truly strong (see this previous post). As we head to the polls, let us reject the calls of many politicians for division and relaxation, and instead recommit to building the nation and people TR envisioned. Remember to vote and God bless America!

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