Amy Duggar Shares Postpartum Body Photos: Jessa, Jinger Show Support


Amy King (née Duggar) has garnered praise for sharing an unfiltered photo of her postpartum body and for being an open book about her postpartum journey.

“Forget the term ‘baby weight’, I call it ‘created another human’s weight’ and I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t just ‘melt’. Breastfeeding didn’t help me either because I ate like Thanksgiving for nearly two years, “clothing boutique owner 3130, 35, wrote in an Instagram caption along with a throwback selfie. showing herself holding a 2 year old son in her arms. Daxton.

Amy King / Instagram

Amy said she decided to share the never-before-seen photo as a reminder for other moms to be kind to themselves, gaining support from cousins. Jessa Seewald (born Duggar) e Jinger Vuolo (née Duggar) for his post of power.

“Your body has been through so much and if the house is a mess that’s fine, if you don’t know the last time you showered it’s fine. In this photo my hair looked like a bird’s nest! “Amy continued.” I was doing everything to stay afloat. I was trying to do a test session for those workout leggings pictured, but it clearly wasn’t working that day. “

Amy, who welcomed her first child with her husband Dillon King In October 2019, she said the months following the birth were an adjustment for her both physically and mentally.

She was getting used to her new responsibilities as a mother and, at the same time, the Arkansas resident was also learning to embrace her new curves.

“I felt like a blob, a big fat whale. And I was hard on myself. I cried, pinched my stomach and didn’t feel quite like me before the baby. Nothing was fine, and I felt bad, “she confessed.

“Then, I looked up and saw my sweet boyfriend and in that moment my mood changed. And I took this picture. And I’m so glad I did now looking back, “continued Amy.” Our bodies may not be the same now, but two years later I feel a little more comfortable with my body and myself. ”

Jessa Jinger Duggar supports Amy after sharing the baby's body photo
Courtesy of Amy King / Instagram

After hearing her heartfelt confession, Jessa, 29, showed love to her cousin in the comments, writing, “You look beautiful, Mom!” Jinger, 27, also enjoyed the post in a show of support.

Jessa is now in mother of four children herself, having welcomed her 3-month-old daughter Fern with her husband in July Ben Seewald. The couple also shares children Spurgeon, 6, Henry, 4, and 2-year-old Ivy.

As for Jinger, the first Counting on the star shares two girls with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, daughters Felicity, 3 and 11-month-old Evangeline Jo.

Amy previously opened up about where she and the Duggar girls are in a July 2020 interview, recounting Entertainment tonight always wishes you the best.

“I think we’re just trying to find our own way, and we’re just doing things differently,” Amy shared about their different educations. “I’m happy for you,” he added. “Things are definitely different, but I’m happy for everyone.”


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