An internet provider has sued Netflix because its new show is too popular


Korean internet provider SK Broadband wants Netflix to pay the costs associated with increasing network traffic, as more people in the region are streaming popular Netflix titles. Among the shows that have recently gone viral in the country is a South Korean TV series that has topped Netflix’s charts globally. That is Squid game, a horror show launched just a few weeks ago. It might seem ironic that SK is suing Netflix to pay for traffic costs, as a Korean show tops Netflix’s charts in Korea and other markets. But it’s just a coincidence that SK claims surfaced at a time when a Korean show topped Netflix’s charts.

of Netflix Squid game it is a monstrous success

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said a few days ago That Squid game is well on its way to getting around Bridgerton as Netflix’s largest global show. The executive has not disclosed specific numbers at the moment. But revealed the viewer data that Netflix hadn’t shared with the world before.

Statistics revealed how many Netflix accounts have watched at least two minutes of shows like Bridgerton and how many millions of hours people have spent watching popular shows and movies. Squid game he will probably get his stats soon.

The show is a horror story about players competing in children’s games for a multi-million dollar prize. The twist is that players can and will die during these seemingly simple challenges.

Released on September 17, Squid game it went viral in most markets where Netflix is ​​available, including the United States. The show is also popular in its home market, where people stream a lot of Netflix shows.

SK’s claims have nothing to do with Squid Game’s popularity. If anything, the fact that so many people stream the show only helps her case. ISP sued Netflix to pay for increased network traffic and maintenance work, Reuters relationships.

SK wants multimillion-dollar winnings

A Seoul court has already stated that Netflix should “reasonably” give the ISP something in return. Separately, some South Korean lawmakers have spoken out against content providers who don’t pay to use the network.

Netflix said it will look into SK Broadband’s request and partner with the internet company. Netflix is ​​the second largest data traffic generator in the country, after Google’s YouTube. Neither company pays for the traffic they generate.

SK said Netflix’s data traffic increased 24 times from May 2018 to 1.2 trillion bits of data per second in September. Many of those pieces probably came from Squid game observers this month. SK wants Netflix to pay $ 22.9 million for 2020 traffic alone, a court document reveals.

Netflix sued the country last year to find out if it had to pay anything for using the SK network. The company said its obligations end with creating content and making it available to consumers. The streamer claimed that SK incurred traffic charges while the ISP fulfilled its contracts with its customers. This is where a court ruled in June that it is reasonable that Netflix is ​​”obligated to provide something in exchange for the service”. Netflix has filed an appeal against that decision.

This type of traffic tariff debate is not new, and it is something that often emerges in association with net neutrality talks. If you are watching Netflix Squid game hit in the US, you shouldn’t worry about streaming issues. Netflix has paid Comcast a commission for over seven years for faster streaming speeds.


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