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Have you ever noticed how obsessed we are with analytical thinking? Terms such as
“Conclusions supported by analysis of data units” are the norm, and indeed we look for this
peace of mind to believe in the results of a survey! We are so conditioned with Analytical
thinking that intuition has no chance!

Data analytics works well when you are in a ‘controlled’ environment and can use the
facts to predict the outcome. But as we all know, life is full of unforeseen circumstances and
curveballs! How well equipped are we then to make the right decisions when life throws us
surprises and suddenly all the facts and figures in the world become redundant in a

We often hear Fortune 500 CEOs and sports stars refer to their intuition when faced with
with difficult decisions to make.

 They use their intuition to find solutions and do not overanalyze the details.
 Facts and statistics are used as a supporting tool and not as the main basis for
make the final decision
They are not afraid of failure and are self-aware.
They are not afraid of taking risks or experiencing new adventures.
They are good at assessing people by reading body language.
They think ahead and can foresee potential problems

Do you trust your intuition when making decisions in your workplace?
Step 4 of our EP7 (Empowerment for Purpose in 7 Steps) deals with Intuition and the role it plays in our professional and personal lives.

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