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andres rannells and jose gad are coming back to Broadway together!

Fan Favorite Actors Starred in The book of MormonThe original cast from over a decade ago and have had great careers on both stage and screen ever since.

The boys will team up again for the Broadway premiere of Gutenberg! The musical! The show is billed as “the story of two best friends named Bud and Doug who put on a show together because they love each other so much.”

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Performances begin Friday, September 15 before the official opening night on Thursday, October 12. Tickets for the strictly limited 20-week engagement are on sale now. The production will close on Sunday, January 28, 2024.

José He said: “It’s been 12 years since I’ve been on a Broadway stage. And after 12 years, the only person who would agree to come back on stage with me was my co-star from 12 years ago. I’m thankful that Andrew Rannells said yes, because he didn’t really have the energy to do a one-man show. Together, he and I have joined an all-star team that includes the director of Moulin Rougethe producer of the star trek movies and a smorgasbord of other Mad Lib credentials that should excite, invigorate, and a little bewilder eager audiences. But one thing will be clear… not since the invention of the printing press has the name ‘Gutenberg’ held such promise. And as a team, we intend to honor the man who is directly responsible for the mass production of our show’s Playbills.”

Andrew He said: “After years of relentless stalking and countless restraining orders, Josh Gad finally got her to agree to share the stage with him again. I decided it was best to give in, and honestly, it feels good to meet my fellow missionary on stage. Plus, it was clear that he wouldn’t leave me alone until I said yes.”

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