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Andrew Yang’s presidential advisers blame his mayoral race advisers for his major failure

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For many months during the strangest mayoral campaign season in New York history, it seemed that Andrew Yang what is really going to win the Democratic primary. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that he had recently run for president of the United States, and although he did not end up getting the job, he became famous for his campaign slogan “MATH” and his commitment to pay every American adult $ 1,000 per month. The fact that most of your competitors enjoyed relatively little name recognition probably helped you significantly when voters were asked who they wanted to succeed. Bill de Blasio, given the choice between someone they had heard of and “who?”

Unfortunately for Yang Gang, things clearly did not turn out as expected when he Announced his candidacy in January 2021; Tuesday night, as the numbers increased, He said Supporters: “Everyone knows I’m a numbers guy, I’m someone who deals in what’s happening by numbers, and I’m not going to be the next mayor of New York City, based on the numbers that have come in tonight. “He added:” I am conceding this race, although we are not sure, ultimately, who will be the next mayor. But whoever that person is, I will be very happy to work with them to help improve the lives of 8.3 millions of people who live in our great city. “

How is it that Yang, once a leader on the list, ended up in a very sad situation? fourth place? Was it your inability to accurately identify a winery? The fact that the pandemic passed out of the city? That hears I had not voted in a New York mayoral election (and some national ones!)? That, as my colleague Chris smith In other words, “the desire for the next mayor to be a cheerleader-in-chief has faded,” as the city has emerged from the most terrifying days of the pandemic, while a surge in crime benefited the former police officer. . Eric “Look for contraband in your children’s rooms“Adams? The people who advised Yang in his presidential run, which, as a reminder, was unsuccessful, seem to believe that the fault lies with the people who advised him in the last campaign.

According to political reporter Walker hunter “Various sources who worked on Yang’s new presidential candidacy last year” saying “They tried to advise Yang on his mayoral campaign and were turned down in favor of Tusk Strategies, a New York City lobbying firm. Sources blamed Tusk’s team for Yang’s disappointing end. “A senior advisor to Yang’s presidential campaign told Walker that” for months several senior presidential campaign officials offered guidance to Tusk Strategies with no response regarding earned and digital media that was largely ignored. This loss falls squarely on this company. “

A second adviser to his presidential bid echoed the idea that members of the 2020 presidential team, who helped Yang put in a good showing after starting the race as a long shot, were sidelined in favor of Tusk. Strategies. “At the head of this, there were many members of the presidential team who gave advice to these guys,” said this adviser. “Right after the 2020 election, all of a sudden, I guess Tusk walked in there and, boom, they were going their own way.”

Yang’s prospect in City Hall seemed real enough for much of this campaign, as he led the crowded field polls in crucial Democratic primaries. However, in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s vote, Yang’s position plummeted. The former top aide on his presidential campaign attributed much of that decline, and the contrast to his performance in last year’s election, to Tusk’s team. “They took something that several people spent years building to collapse in five months,” said senior advisor…. The former senior adviser specifically blamed one of Yang’s joint campaign managers, Chris Coffey, who runs the Tusk Strategies practices in New York and New Jersey, for lashing out at the media and trying to direct the activity of the “Yang Gang”, the candidate’s infamous social media fanbase.

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