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And yes, it accepts solar energy.

Charge multiple phones from the Anker 548 Power Bank and use its built-in emergency light.

The summer season is in full swing. And for many people, that means two things: You can go camping, and you probably need to pack an emergency kit. In any case, a portable battery is a must. And Anker is launching a new product that should suit your needs.

Available today for $170, the Anker PowerCore Reserve 192Wh is a midsize backup battery with two USB-A ports, a pair of USB-C ports, and a built-in light. With an impressive 60,000 mAh capacity, it bridges the gap between small power banks and large electric generators.

Interestingly, this battery can be charged via a USB-C cable or a solar panel. That means you don’t need to keep track of an AC charging cable, and more importantly, you can take advantage of the PowerCore Reserve when you’re outdoors (or during a power outage).

The power bank uses a standard XT-60 port (12-24 volts) for solar charging. That being said, Anker does not list solar charging speeds in any of its marketing materials. I had to look at a photo of the bottom of the power bank, uploaded by an Amazon reviewer, to discover that the solar charging speed is capped at 60 watts. This is perfectly acceptable and means you can buy a cheaper solar panel.

Again, the Anker PowerCore Reserve 192Wh is available today for $170 (you can save 15% by clicking the coupon on the Amazon listing). Please note that this product does not include a power brick or XT-60 cable (this cable is built into most portable solar panels).

Anker Power Bank (Reserve PowerCore 192Wh)

Simultaneously charge up to four USB devices with Anker’s 192W PowerCore Reserve Battery. It offers a capacity of 60,000 mAh, has a compact design and has an integrated emergency lamp.

Source: Anker

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