Anti-terrorism police arrest three after a deadly car explosion in Liverpool


UK counter-terrorism police said they did arrested three men under the Terrorism Act in connection with a car explosion in Liverpool on Sunday that killed one person and seriously injured another.

Counter Terrorism Police North West – which combines the counter-terrorism operations of several forces in the North West of England – said they arrested men aged 29, 26 and 21 in the Kensington area of ​​Liverpool in connection with the explosion in a taxi. outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital on Sundays at 10:59 am.

However, the police stressed that they kept an open mind about the nature of the incident and that terrorism had not yet been formally declared.

The blast killed the vehicle’s passenger, police said, but they had not yet formally identified the dead. They added that the driver was injured and was in stable condition in the hospital.

The CTPNW indicated that it would not provide further details on the incident earlier in the morning unless further arrests were made or an urgent need to provide information to the public emerged.

Sunday evening the Sun newspaper reported that the injured taxi driver’s name was Dave Perry and quoted several people who knew him as saying that he jumped out of the taxi and shut it down just before the explosion, keeping the dead man inside.

The blast occurred just as people across the UK were about to celebrate a two-minute silence at 11am on traditional Remembrance Sunday services to commemorate the victims of military strife.

Merseyside police had said before they believed that the car involved was a taxi, which had stopped outside the hospital shortly before the explosion occurred.

The images of the scene showed a vehicle engulfed in flames and a column of smoke rising above the hospital buildings on the edge of Liverpool city center. Photographs of a vehicle marked as belonging to the British Army’s Royal Logistics Corps bomb squad were also circulated.

The arrests were made at an address on Boaler Street, a short walk from the hospital. The police can ask to detain suspects arrested under the Terrorism Act for up to 14 days before indicting them.

The arrests come less than a month after UK counter-terrorism police deemed a previous incident – the killing of David Amess, the conservative member of parliament from Southend West – an act of terrorism, with suspected religious motivation. Ali Harbi Ali was uploaded with the murder of Amess and is awaiting trial.

Any confirmation that the incident was treated as terrorism would come from the National Counter-Terrorism Command, part of the London Metropolitan Police.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted Sunday night his thoughts were with the people affected by the “terrible accident” in Liverpool. “I want to thank the emergency services for their prompt response and professionalism, and the police for their ongoing work on the investigation,” he wrote.


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