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Apple approves Epic iOS app store, but conditions apply

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In an update to X, Epic said that Apple is still requiring Epic to change the user interface in a future release.

Epic Games said Apple has approved its app store submission for iOS devices after initially rejecting it last week.

The Fortnite maker slammed Apple for unfairly blocking its attempts to launch a dedicated Epic Games Store for iOS devices last week.

Epic said Apple twice rejected its notarization submission for its store, claiming that certain design elements of the app resemble its own App Store.

In particular, Epic said Apple objected to the design and position of its “Install” button, which the iPhone maker said was too similar to its “Get” button. Epic also said Apple considers its “In-App Purchases” label to be too similar to the App Store equivalent.

Epic said its “Install” and “In-App Purchases” naming conventions are used “across popular app stores across multiple platforms” and that it follows standard conventions for buttons in iOS apps.

The video game maker called Apple’s decision “arbitrary” and “obstructive” and said it had shared its concerns with the European Commission because it believed the rejection violated the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

“We’re just trying to build a store that mobile users can easily understand, and disclosing in-app purchases is one of the regulatory best practices followed by all stores today,” Epic said at the time.

“Unless Apple puts up further roadblocks, we remain ready to launch on the Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iOS in the EU in the coming months.”

Although Apple has approved the current version of the Epic Games Store for iOS, Epic said the iPhone maker told some news outlets that it is still requiring Epic to change the user interface in a future version, a decision Epic is disputing.

Epic Games has been in a very public battle with Apple for years, criticizing the tech giant for how it handles its App Store. The company’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, has been a vocal critic of Apple’s attempts to comply with the DMA. In January, he said that proposals made by the company to comply with EU rules were “a new and tortuous example of malicious compliance.”

Later that month, several major tech companies, including Meta, Microsoft and X, joined Epic in criticizing Apple over its app payment rules, claiming that they have made it harder for app developers to move customers to alternative payment methods.

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